Candy Grandpre’s “hypersensitive ear condition” Magically Disappears in NOLA

Candy Grandpre’s stay in Pensacola only lasted a few weeks. She freaked out at her neighbors for wearing the wrong colors and playing music. Her “hypersensitive ear condition” was one of the reasons she gave for having to leave.

Now suddenly today in New Orleans, where she is living on the streets, she wakes up from her nap to some live jazz music that she characterized as being “nice”. She had NO complaints about the music and did not refer to the musicians as being “perps” or anything like that.

79 thoughts on “Candy Grandpre’s “hypersensitive ear condition” Magically Disappears in NOLA”

  1. Yeah, the military needs to get their hands on the same weaponry that gangstalkers use on TIs to make their noise itch, their private parts to vibrate, give them pangs of pain all over, and in the case of Candy, force both urination and defecation involuntarily, and making her organs squish together when she bends over. Considering that last one is being done on a woman who is 5’2″ and close to 300 pounds….well, it is probably abdominal fat. She is very wide around the middle.
    The DEWs used on TIs are also able to be carried around in your pocket, instead of being quite large and on a trailer hauled around by a truck. Think of fuel saving alone!
    TI DEWs also defeat the usual laws of transfer of power in that they do not hit anything but the intended target, even if the target is inside a building. And no damage to anything between the weapon and the target. Yeah, that’s the best part. No physics can explain how that happens, it just does.
    They also have an app that allows you to have a DEW on your phone. That doesn’t suck batteries just warming the processors up, because a beam that can do all of this would be expected to require more than a recharge from a standard outlet. And have satellites with DEWS that can hunt you out and make your feet swell from space! How do they do it?!!!
    What these crazy people think about remains a mystery, because they obviously don’t really think about DEWS in a reasonably intelligent way. Just like Candy, if something doesn’t make sense, they look it up with loaded questions to get the answer they want, not the answer that is true.
    Candy is talking more about chemtrails and how awful they are. That is how I first found out about TIs and gangstalking. I debunked chemtrails, on YouTube, Facebook, and a conspiracy forum or two. The people who believe in chemtrails are idiots. They have no idea what they are talking about or looking at. They, too do not know how to research to find smart things and not just fan their cognitive dissonance. Someone pointed out a tube coming out the back of a certain jet engine, and said it was proof that chemtrails exist, because why else would they have a tube come out an engine? I know how to find stuff on the internet, and found a forum page for aircraft mechanics who worked on just that engine, and found the exploded schematic for the engine and lo and behold, the tube was shown, along with the part number. Using the part number in the same forum, I found it was for an oil overflow, and how often it needed either cleaned out or changed. It is a totally normal thing on just about any jet engine. And it didn’t take anymore than a few hours to find all that out. You just need to know how to look for things for information, not for confirmation.
    i haven’t debunked her comments about chemtrails. Yet. People who are scared of visible water at ice at flight altitude making them have a bad day, make me laugh. Because they are idiots. And idiots are fun to poke with sharp sticks.

  2. Bryan Tew is upset at another TI named Sabrina Wallace. Without meaningful evidence, he accuses her of being a “government perpetrator”.

    His argument is that because she curses and makes posters with silly diagrams that she must be a government agent. Even though I see both of these themes from TIs quite often.

    • “…using the ubiquitous and ambient air molecules all around you…”
      Someone got a thesaurus for their birthday.
      And because both of those words are synonyms, a bit of “I’m smarter than you” redundancy.
      And because we live in an atmosphere or we would die, pointless.
      She is a bit manic and a whole lot delusional. Somewhere there is a prescription bottle with her name on it and she has not been taking those pills.
      Her world would collapse if she started thinking without the delusions, a common theme among the TIs I have followed. They get a dose of reality, and see what they have been thinking is wrong. If one part is wrong, the whole scheme falls apart. And another thing that every TI seems to need is a scenario where they are the best, smartest person, who is so smart they understand secret things that everyone else rejects as stupid or impossible.
      Like the whole “gang-stalking ” shtick. It doesn’t work out on paper.
      Like her poster.

  3. Candy made a video to tell everyone that her privates are itching. She doesn’t think it’s an STD but isn’t 100% sure.

    I mean it’s none of my business what you do and who you do it with between consenting adults but if you’re not sure you should go get tested instead of making a blog about it.

    On the other hand, since she calls all of us “sex traffickers” she probably legitimately believes we could have gave her an STD through the use of DEWs or something.

    (I linked to a video from an online troll because he was nice enough to clip the relevant part of her video)

  4. Thank God she never got pregnant! What she knows about sex seems to be able to not fill out an index card. Although I think I understand what went on with her longest relationship, which I won’t mention here. She has made allusions to the type of relations she was having, and why, and that won’t get you pregnant.
    That she smells as bad as she reported sometime last week, like corn chips, meant she had at least a bacterial infection, and also likely a fungal and yeast infection on top of it all. That it is the same thing that can be found on dog’s paws is sadly funny, because you don’t want what is growing on dog’s paws growing anywhere on you. Dogs are made to be able to tough it all out, human private parts are not.
    She has said that what she wears and for how long is not anyone’s else interest and to just stop. No. What she is doing now, not seeming to be bothered by her clothing and the resulting stench is a very big problem. It is something dementia patients do. It is giving up on herself. Perhaps there is some part of her that is shifty enough to realize that begging for money for a motel room out of the rain and cold and food to not starve does not really match when you ask because you stink and need new underwear because the one pair you have been wearing finally commited suicide and crumbled away into a stinky mess, which would be solid toxic waste if only it would ever reach the ground, which it won’t because those pants are too tight. But she has also reported that her pants had holes, so maybe it escaped that way. She has had a lot of rooms and food paid for and chooses to not get herself presentable for a job interview. That to me shows she doesn’t really want a job. Who goes to a job in the lobby of a freakin’ tourist HILTON without changing her smelly clothes and carrying her backpack? And I bet her hoodie was tied down around her face, something done by people who don’t want to be identified. So all her “I went to Craig’s list and can’t find anything,” nonsense is just a cover. She is pathetic and a “I haven’t been able to even change my clothes in a long time” is a way for the people who won’t look at her past postings to give her some money to get presentable. Which would also require a motel room.
    But today is the 1st, and as the government wants to give you your check on time, it means she will have been paid today. Maybe she will finally return to normal grown-ass 40 year old woman thinking and get some different clothes. But I predict that she will likely get several outfits and then pull the sob story about how she has had to give up everything, even those things that were important and valuable to her , and now she has to give up even more so she has space to put her clothes in her backpack.
    Considering that some of the important, valuable stuff she saved for years were bus schedules from LA, it will be quite the show.

  5. Okay, this is almost spooky. Today, she mentioned getting some new clothes, devolving into a tale of how she can’t have many clothes because she only has her backpack, and she already had to give up so much of what is valuable and important, if she carries more than that it will mean she needs to give up more of her valuable and important stuff.
    She also thinks that someone who follows her for four years to just stop. She seems to not understand that views are her friend. And that all I can do is watch and comment about her, never to her. Big difference. She is the embodiment of an interest of mine since I was in high school, abnormal psychology. It usually meant true crime. But not always. And debunking stuff that is stupid is a big part of it. One of the most stupid things I have ever run across is the whole gang stalking fairy tale. It is interesting to me because those people who believe themselves to be “targeted” are not, they have abnormal psychology. And she is one of the most abnormal, given she started as someone who was challenged to begin with. The first video I saw of her made me angry, because who would let a “re+@arded”(that was correct when I was growing up, so that is how I think of it first) woman doing on the streets, and wondered why her family wasn’t making sure she receiving the proper care. Then I watched more, and saw the larger problems. And then she read a psych evaluation, and it was confirmed by a professional. So she is very interesting, because she has supplied professional opinions as to just what her problems included.
    But I digress.
    I do not usually watch her videos as much as I read them. I am from the Midwest, and have been told that we talk fast, and she is from the South, and talks slowly. Very slowly. And she get distracted so often, even mid-sentense, that she will repeat herself. She literally tells the same story twice in a video today. Sometimes she fumbles and repeats herself without the same details, which sometimes means you hear the story she wants people to believe, and then you hear the story that is probably much closer to the truth. Which is fun to figure out. Mostly if it makes her look bad, it is the “closer-to-the-truth” story.
    She was paid last Friday, December 1st, a bit over $900. That is currently her only income. And she is asking for money for motel rooms on X already. She got her supplements, which is more space and weight to carry around. She did get some clothing, which is more space and weight to carry around.
    And she is caught in a likely scam. If you have to pay to get a job, it is likely a scam. A company should have a subscription service background checking service, and Candy was told she had to pay for her own, at an amount that would cover a subscription for a company. She would need a uniform, which is something you might need to pay for if you don’t have the items in your current wardrobe, but a white blouse and black pants, sweatpants are likely not approved for wear, is not a Candy kind of outfit. Oh, and black shoes. If she were to get those, she would likely be able to use them at most jobs, so they would be money well spent. Especially if she went to thrift stores first. She is also looking for money for a big winter coat, which is more for her being cold all the time, because there are freakin’ palm trees growing and the temps in winter are usually about 50F, which someone in Indiana in winter means sweat shirts and sweater weather, practically balmy. There will be people in shorts and flip-flops enjoying the warm weather.
    And she has said that she will likely have to ask for more help, because expenses of having a job take money.
    So the cycle never ends. She gets money, she spends money, and she begs for money. She says it’s never her fault, that she is gangstalked and that is why all the misery in her life happens. Blah, blah, blah.
    But I was reading the video transcript and this popped out at me. I know it is just a computer misreading what she actually says, because she is not a druggie. But having a pot habit so bad she needs “bongs,” plural, would explain the money shortage. It might explain her huffing and puffing after walking a short distance. It might explain the eating and the paranoia.
    But if she used pot she would be much more mellow. And one of the things she is paranoid about is smelling weed everywhere she goes. So she likely does not know what it smells like, she is just using it as a way to make people look bad in her eyes.

    • I definitely would not recommend marijuana for anyone who considers themselves to be a “targeted individual”. There are some studies that suggest there is a link between marijuana and schizophrenia.

      I am hesitant to draw the conclusion that marijauana use causes schizophrenia but it may be the case that it can worsen the symptoms of it.

      Also MJ can have varying effects depending on the user. Some people it does mellow them out. Some people it makes them super paranoid.

      I guess it can also have something to do with the specific strain of plant and the ratio of the different types of cannabinoids in the plant (THC, CBD, etc.).

      Personal anecdote: I’ve had MJ sessions where it made me very relaxed and ‘stoned’ as they say. I’ve also tried some MJ that did make me feel very paranoid like I was being watched. Didn’t turn into a TI that day but I could definitely see how that would be a bad thing for someone like Candy or Bryan.

  6. I’m too lazy to make a new post about this but there was an incident in Arlington, VA a couple nights ago with what appears to be a TI or a TI-like person named James Yoo. The cops came to search his house but just before they made entry, the house completely exploded in what appears to be an ignited gas leak.

    Not sure if he called himself a TI but I saw a few of his posts shared by others and it was basically TI city; claiming that the government was stalking him and that his neighbors were also in on it.

  7. Candy makes a new friend at the airport.

    The woman from out of town is seemingly unaware that the main terminal of Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is Candy’s own private bedroom now.

    Also in this video, Candy complains about announcements at the airport.

  8. Uh, I made a post in Stefan”s YouTube Community. I was looking around at the airport online, trying to figure out just what is going on, and saw on a Facebook page for the airport, Brandy saying her crazy sister is sleeping there at night. And also on the same FB account was the customer service email for the airport. I shared that video with them. They are an extremely busy airport, and the holiday season makes it much more hectic. Candy is over-the-top entitled, and her later videos about the issue really point that out. Candy believes she has every right to tell people to go somewhere else because she is trying to sleep. And people should ask her before sitting by her, or apparently using their phone within her field of vision. The airport IS HERS, and if anyone disagrees, well, they are perps and going to hell.
    Uh, she can’t do that. I’ve been wondering how she has gotten away with spraying while there. I thik her behavior wuring the busy season will be more apparent to them. It was nice to see that a person working at the airport in some capacity (security, but not TSA or custodial, maybe?) so the issue, if raised, will be known to someone.
    I have checked and have not received a reply from my messages yet today. I doubted I would. I had two messages because I realized I forgot the link in the first message. I sent the link to them on another email within 5 minutes, so that should not be a problem. Brandy said that she was going to send an email, too. I never would have done this if I had not seen
    Brandy’s message first. I suggested if she did contact them to include a link to her “Candy Grandpre” channel, as the link I sent was the “….Back-up” channel.
    I am me, so it is snarky, but I really feel that it needs to be brought to there attention. I consider it part of “tough love.” If her behavior makes her world smaller, maybe she will finally see the need to ask for proper help. I would also consider it the right thing to do if she goes all morose about things, calling for a “welfare check.” She has had several suicide attempts, some forced institutionalization, some she went in on her own. None of them were done for more than just attention, based on what she did; considering her leanings toward histrionic behavior, that is to be expected.
    If she wants to live in New Orleans, fine. But acting the fool and entitled to whatever she wants, and bothering people like she does….well, is wrong. And she seems to be getting worse. If she were to act the same way toward someone who really is the wrong person, she could get killed. She doesn’t deserve that. She deserves whatever happiness she can have in her life, but she will never have any true happiness with her mental health.
    Stefan was right. She needs to humble herself. She can’t be many things, because that is how she was born. But her mental health could be better and make a major improvement in her life. Or she could be found to be incorrigible, and live quietly in a institution. Life is what you make it, with what you have. She doesn’t have so very much, and she could have more, if she were mentally well. Everyone has a purpose, and she needs to be more than the “terrible example.”
    But right now? If you can’t be a good example, than you’ll just have to be a terrible warning. She is a terrible warning.
    I am a bit buzzed on pain meds. I think this is a screenshot of the email. I think. If not, I’ll try again.

    • If she wants to live in New Orleans, fine.

      Personally, I think Candy moving back to New Orleans was a massive mistake. I’m not saying Pensacola was a paradise for the homeless, no city is, but it seems like Pensacola has a more manageable number of homeless so the waiting lists for services are much shorter.

    • I think there will have to be some kind of altercation with police called for Candy to face any serious consequences, like being trespassed off of airport grounds. These types of emails, in my experience anyway, don’t result in anything happening. I hope it does though.

      I do think its a very bad look for tourists to be greeted by a urine-soaked irate homeless woman taking creep shots of them and their kids. I guess that does make it an authentic New Orleans experience.

      I remember visiting the French Quarter and Bourbon Street for the first time. It reeked of piss. The good thing was that you could see a Louisiana State Police or NOLA PD officer about every 20 feet, they were keen on protecting tourists from crime and bad influences.


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