Candy Grandpre Writes Dumb Ebook, Melts Down Over Honest Reviews, Slanders Reviewers

Candy has another ebook out. It is supposed to be a cookbook based on the cover of the book, but many (most?) of the recipes are non-food related. One is a recipe for a “detox” bath and another is a “cure” for menstrual cramps, which I’m sure any person hankering for a tasty meal wants to hear about.

In the book is a diatribe about gangstalking, directed energy weapons, and a preemptive warning that people who might leave her bad reviews are actually sex and organ traffickers that you should ignore.

If you were hoping for wonderful food recipes from a Louisiana native, well, you’re going to be disappointed.

Another bizarre thing about this ebook is the heavy use of URLs. The reader is expected to read those links. The problem with this, apart from being tacky, is that eBook readers generally disable copy-and-paste, so good luck copying those links to a web browser. You might be able to click on them if you’re lucky. This would be rather annoying if you printed out pages hoping to have a hard copy of recipes only to see a URL on your paper printout.

And yes, true to the warning in her book, she does melt down about people who leave bad reviews. She made a video accusing one reviewer, Star Bricker, of being a “sex trafficker” without any evidence whatsoever. She said Star’s review was “fake”, despite Star’s review being a verified purchase!

There is another bad review and yeah, Candy Ass melts down over that too.

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  1. Found this. She is making herself known, and not in a good way. If she didn’t have rabid antisocial personality disorder, the town seems very friendly and giving. And use this page to ask for rides and contributions of food for struggling people.

        • They accepted me. I’ve made a few comments about general things, and one to tell them that Candy is….well, weird. People have noticed her taking pictures and video. Some have thought it was a guy in drag. The town seems really nice and homey. But people are strange when you’re a stranger, and Candy is a strange stranger, so I think likely they will avoid her. The guy who called the cops on her makes a comment. She has trashed just about everyone and everything about the town. I hope that the town can stand firm.
          Candy has actually said in a video that she hasn’t asked for anything since she got there. BS, she called churches looking for food, then dissed the pastor for being a woman, and dissed churches in general. Candy is a user. They don’t deserve her.

  2. Oh, dear. Candy once again proves herself to be a narcissistic hypocrite. Several times she has gone off the deep end when HER spraying an unknown liquid around. I have mentioned it myself that she is hypocritical for putting something into the air without people’s permission or approval, yet whines about someone smoking. Outside. Many feet away. Her alcohol spray would likely trigger me to have an asthma attack, and I’m on the milder end of asthma. So, in the following YouTube video, at mark 13:30 -13:57, she says: “…but then another person pointed out that somebody, um, SPRAYED A SUBSTANCE AT ME (emphasis mine). If y’all bringing substances on Me? HELL NO! I AIN’T GONNA FREAKING IGNORE THAT (emphasis mine.)
    Do onto others, Candy. You spray your unmarked crap around without thought of anyone around you, even in businesses that serve food. You can’t do that. Every business has a folder detailing every single chemical used, called the MSDS, for “Material Safety Data Sheets.” Everything used must be labeled, even if it is only water. It’s the LAW. Everyone that has said anything negative to you about your narcissistic indiscriminate spray bottle are 100% RIGHT. And those that banned you? 100% RIGHT, too. More businesses should have.

    And as way of explanation of lack of proper punctuation and sentence structure, this was copied from the video transcript, which is without such niceties. I added some to make it more readable. But Candy doesn’t like any editing, so my bad.

    • Can you please screencap the post or at least give the gist of it in a reply because I don’t feel like joining a private Facebook group for a small town at least a thousand miles away from me just to read it?

      • Oh, sorry. I keep forgetting that it is a private group.
        I am not being kind with this. Someone found him at “Andy’s house.” Several people want to eat him. Such is the life in rural Texas. Pigs are just running around. Maybe Andy’s house seemed safe.

  3. There is too much craziness here. Why call an ambulance if you you don’t want real medical help? There are a few things I remember from my first ambulance drive. One, was all the neighbors coming outside to watch. After the ambulance left, some came over to ask my husband what was wrong and what they could do to help. It’s called being “NEIGHBORLY, ” Candy. Suck it up.
    She is not on O², so they weren’t worried about her breathing. Another sign of that is the oximeter taped to her finger. I didn’t see an IV either.
    You cannot possibly equate using alcohol to quickly wipe skin for a stick or tape with using alcohol as an aerosol on your body and surroundings. The “dose makes the poison,” Candy. Salt is used to flavor food, yet eating a spoonful of salt could kill you. Of course you don’t understand that because you use spoonfuls in your recipes, but that’s on you.
    Emergency rooms are loud chaotic places. At least when a real emergency comes in. And any monitor beeps, phones ringing, people passing along important information…no one is making noise because of you. Please look up the definition of “narcissism,” as once again you have portrayed it so very well, all while labeling everyone around you who are doing normal things because it is their job.
    How many times does someone need to be told there is nothing wrong with your complaints before you will just go get a physical? You are wasting their valuable time, space, and money. Then when they do try to help, you refuse treatment.
    I imagined you lied to them by omitting your “directed energy weapons” theory. Because you knows it makes you look crazy. How many times do you need someone, who is a medical professional and therefore much more intelligent than you, to tell you are mentally ill before you believe it? How long has it been that people have chosen to talk to you like you are “slow”? So far that answer is almost 40 years, and you still do not believe it.
    I have told him you before that your spraying is a problem for others. You have ruined a computer and likely your now dodgy phone with your spraying. Now it has been pointed out that your spraying is unhealthy and effecting your own health.
    It’s not narcissistic abuse, gang-stalking, flying monkeys, or anything else. It’s your own lack of common sense and narcissism.
    Candy, you don’t want friends who support you, you want an echo chamber to boost you up in your own eyes. Your “sleep deprivation?” Common first sign of mental illness. Get real help. Eating fat and salt and drinking mud will not make you better. It has given you edema, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, extra pounds, and diarrhea. Your warts are still there, as is your tooth abscess. You do nothing about your depression except wallow in it, while blaming others.
    Candy, the only problems you have are ones you cause yourself. You think yourself somehow injured and attacked. But your body never shows anything but your own bad health practices. Grow up. There are better ways to gain attention.

  4. That I was able to scold Candy about her alcohol use BEFORE she gets diagnosed with a panic attack w/ alcohol toxicity complications makes me worry I know too much about Candy. Although as she just repeats the same stories without ever even trying to find closure or treat ANYTHING in a real world situation, so….?
    I feel almost psychic sometimes.

  5. Okay, Candy. While there does seem to be some jerk who pesters you online, you need to realize the only time you get upset at me is when you choose to come here to this blog. Stop coming here. Problem solved.
    And so much better than just going on all censorship and blocking anyone who doesn’t give you what you desire. I abhor censorship, and don’t practice it myself. You should try to communicate with people. Instead, at the first sign they will not give you praise and 100% support (and$), you block them. Are you that terrified of other people? That is a problem. You need other people, whether they agree with you or not. Instead, you run and hide behind the block feature. If you cannot ever communicate, you will never have any friends or success. I cringe at what you must be like in a job interview.
    You have made your job begging online, trying to guilt anyone who doesn’t really know you into giving you money. Heck, a recent video you are already passive-aggressively begging for money, saying you cannot exist on $200 a month to feed yourself. You need to stop wasting money. How much did you spend on a soap you don’t use and a bag of mud you don’t like, so gave away. I’m guessing $80ish. Not a good purchase.
    And you keep mentioning how much you need a vehicle. How on God’s green earth do you expect to pay for that? First, it would most likely be taxed. Can you pay that? Then you will need insurance and gas. How will you pay that? And any vehicle just given to you will likely be a POS they are glad to get rid of. Here’s a fast fact: my husband’s car needed new brakes and while working on those they found he also needed a new tie-rod. My own car is scheduled for a brake job and oil change next Monday. The bill today was almost $1400, and I expect to pay over half that. Can you afford to pay either of those bills? If not, who do expect will pay them for you?
    You need to look up the definitions of both “jealous” and “envy,” because you are not using them correctly. No one envies or is jealous of you. People have more than you do because they have worked and saved to have them. Stop judging them as sinners because they don’t lift you out of your poverty. You do not know what they might have given already, you just know it wasn’t given to you. You see things you want, owned by people you know nothing about, and get mad and whiny. Why should anyone give to someone who does nothing but hide in a dark tiny house and whine and complain about everything and everybody? You can answer that question right here, on this blog. I won’t hold my breath.

  6. New Candy trigger just dropped.

    Candy spotted someone working at the new Bloomington Dollar Tree/Family Dollar location (dual-banner store, from what I understand) who also works at the Dairy Queen, as though they’re not allowed to work two jobs. I’d wager the person who’s working at the new Family Dollar probably was hired specifically because of his or her exceptional customer service skills demonstrated at the Dairy Queen.

    Also, the person working two jobs probably doesn’t have a Youtube channel showing themselves being antagonistic towards random people and going into way too much detail about their bowel movements.

    • Absolutely! When we hired people who were looking for a second job and they turned out to be good employees, we bent over backward to manage their hectic schedules.
      What Candy does not seem to understand is that just because a company is hiring, they are not hiring any mouth-breather off the street. When there are people unemployed, companies look for the best fit. This includes the best references. As Candy has zero good job references, they will look online. No one wants someone who thinks she is being forced to have diarrhea by magical weapons, or admits to wetting herself pretty much everywhere. They also would not want so eone who spends 80% of their time in a darkened little house afraid of loud music. Well, what she calls “loud music.” The last cop she had contact with was right. If she has a hearing problem, it is her problem, not the world’s. She considers everything she hears too loud. No one needs to cater to that. Her manners, her mannerisms, her online presence, her lack of job experience, and sometimes her hygiene mean she will not be the best fit anywhere.

  7. Candy, re: most recent short video.
    There is a difference between stalking and looking at someone’s public videos and other forms of interaction, like a public Twitter. While it does look like you have two or three people who enjoy harassing you eight now, the rest of us are your audience. You need people watching your videos to make $$ at YouTube. If you don’t want people to watch you, stop posting. Problem solved.
    And when you look up the psychological aspects of stalking, they do not apply to any but those two or three.
    And how many of the other people who follow you have had many diagnoses, over almost four decades, compiled after one-on-one interviews and testing with real psychiatrists/psychologists? You seem to forget you have read your psych eval onlineb that report got me interested in you in the first place. You have paranoid delusions, personality disorders, and are challenged in several ways. The complete package of your psyche was judged to be that you would be unable to hold a job to the degree of being supported by only that income.
    So there is that.
    And why are you suddenly believing a Google search about psychological and psychiatric diagnoses on other people, but claim anything involving either is “demonic,” “unChristian,” and of the devil when it comes to YOU? I have had psych evals, too. I have depression and anxiety disorder completely under control because I take my one pill a day Elavil, and I have freakin’ stage four cancer. You, who have an entire alphabet of personality disorders, challenges and paranoid delusions, are a complete mess and unable to care for yourself, don’t even try a “natural cure” for any of it.
    Modern medicine, including psychiatric medications, for the WIN! Both for cancer and psych issues. Get help. Without it, you will never have more than you do right now. And the people who do donate now will join the people who no longer donate and you will be homeless again. If you turn to a social service or psych clinic, your needs will be met. And like you do not live free now, you will have to pay to be there. Life is not free. You won’t get your way, because life is not that way for anyone. But you will get medical (and dental) care, a clean place to sleep, three meals, a toilet when you need it, baths everyday, things to do, maybe friends….all in a place where they will understand how you need help and guidance. And be able to make your life as normal and happy as it can be. Please try it. If you check yourself in, you can check yourself out. If you behave yourself.

  8. Candy ate out, leaving a bank balance of $13 dollars until July 3rd. But she understands about money management. And still wants a vehicle. How she is going to pay for car expenses on $13ish a month is proof she has no common sense and still has crazy delusions.
    When she ate lunch, she had birria tacos con consommé. And complained it was greasy and that they only gave her a half bowl of the consommé, and gripe how she was cheated, Yada, Yada, Yada. This struck a cord with me. I have seen that at a restaurant before, but it was something I did not get. Because it was really traditional, and was GOAT. I was the only English speaking person in the restaurant at the time (the true sign of an authentic, good Mexican restaurant when you live this far from Mexico.) and didn’t want to be that adventurous. While it is also cooked with beef, I’ll give her a pass on that, and she did ask about what animal it contained. What I cannot give her a pass on was the amount of consommé. It is served as a dip. There is no way you need more than she got. Especially when she didn’t seem to know what it is.
    Which is why people call her greedy. She complains about free water, sees people who have paid for a beverage have full glasses and makes snide comments on that, and expects more of something ahe doesn’t know how to eat.
    And is already passive-aggressively begging. Even I thought she’d make it to one week.
    And after doing nothing but surf the web and make videos, she is too tired to do anything. Which means she needs a physical. I have more energy, and I am 62 with cancer.
    Really, she needs Elavil. It is an SSRI that helps restore a proper sleep cycle. And doesn’t have the carb-craving side effects of Paxil.

    • Candy specifies in this video that she wants a “new” Toyota Corolla.

      What’s the cost of the most basic 2023 Toyota Corolla? According to the Toyota website, it’s around $21,700 and that’s before taxes and, obviously, doesn’t include the cost of insurance, maintenance, or gas. Is Candy just expecting someone else to spend over twenty-two thousand dollars on a car for her?

  9. Yes, she does. Because reasons.
    It shows her delusions. How in heck is she thinking of financing the costs of a car? Donations? More importantly, you are supposed to report your income to SS to maintain your benefits. What would happen if/when SSA finds all her donations? She might see herself as poor, but she was kept for several months in a motel room at $365/week. That is $1460 a month, plus other monies given for food, delivery, and other things. While not working.
    Then try explaining how you can make $920ish a month, pay what she does in rent, AND get a car with all the accompanying expenses.
    I have often thought of reporting her myself, but don’t want to ruin someone’s day. It is easy to do, and she has plenty of videos and blogs about how she got the first payments from a lie….which she has perpetuated for almost 20 years. Then adding all her financing from donations, and SSA would see that she is both not reporting income, not admitting to the primary cause of her SSDI, paranoid delusions, and is not getting any kind of treatment. All which go against her claims. And as they are telling her she needs an evaluation of some sort, it would be timely to do it now.
    Is she mental unable to work? Yes. Is she mentally ill? Yes.
    But she does nothing about it. You can’t get disability for a bad back without continuing to improve. And it is easy to see that she has NOT improved. It likely would have been better for her to have been institutionalized until she was compliant and improved enough to be in a group home. They way she is now, she’d likely be watched closely for a long time. She has already said “I might have been homicidal and suicidal, but I’m not now.(paraphrased)” She admits to having been sedated, isolated, and physical with the people there. She would be now as well.
    I do have one thing about SS that makes me happy. I had not worked to care for my MIL with dementia. When she died, I was in charge of modernizing a house. I wanted to go back to work, but started being too tired and in too much pain to work, which I also knew from working HR. Then my cancer was found. When I applied for SSDI, I found my points had expired, so no money for me. I get my first SS retirement check the third week of June, after working for forty years.
    And my check is more than Candy’s. That makes me happy.

  10. Candy, how many times have you gone to the hospital with the feeling like you are dying and weak and NOTHING HAS EVER BEEN FOUND MEDICALLY WRONG WITH YOU? Lots.
    And how many times have you been admitted with a medical, not psychiatric, condition for treatment? Never.
    Your medical history follows you, especially when you use Medicare or Medicaid. Any place you go will check you over, and look at your history.
    The medical world is based on facts, not feelings. You haven’t come close to dying, yet claim that feeling often. Without physical symptoms, what do you expect anyone to do? You refused treatment, a medication for vertigo. What do you expect them to do when you don’tnwant MEDICAL HELP?
    You waste their valuable time everytime you show up feeling like you are “gonna die” and have nothing wrong with you.
    They don’t like that.
    I have been almost “gonna die” several times. I was treated like I was gonna die without their help. I have gone to the hospitals several times just really sick, had physical symptoms, got medical care, and went home when I was better.
    I have never gone to the hospital without reason, nor have I ever been through triage without finding something physically wrong.
    The more you whine about how you are physically ill, then have no symptoms and refuse a treatment that would have helped you quickly, the sadder and more desperate for attention you look.
    Look at it from a followers eyes. Been to the hospital, nothing wrong was found several times in the past few years, mentioning passive-aggressively with heavy sighs that you are not worth even $50 just a week after your only income is paid, and now you are so ill with the same “symptoms” you can hardly function….you are looking for PITY DOLLARS.
    It gets old.
    To do WHAT exactly? Lie in bed and “research” on the internet and make videos about how you need money and anything you don’t like triggers you needlessly?
    If you are truly ill, get a real physical. See a real doctor.
    Otherwise, STFU. And grow up. Act your age. Get help.

  11. Candy, a few things:
    ☆ Cooking meat in acid is not a good idea. Some acid is fine. Totally acid will start to digest the meat, making it mealy and nasty. And it might continnue, despite taking it off the heat. It is why Orange chicken and Lemon chicken and similar dishes flavor a sauce, putting just a bit of juice on the meat. Heck, even Duck l’Orange squeezes the juice over the meat, much of which drips into the pan at the bottom, and puts the peels inside the bird. But to cook it actually IN ACID? Not a good idea. Except cerviche.
    ☆ Don’t trust the visuals of when meat is done. When you cooked it in acid, the proteins of the ligaments and tendons would have been softened and the meat would have come off the bone. Even “High” heat on a Crockpot is not very hot. If you are not going to cook it about five hours, get a meat thermometer. Or your nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea will be really have a cause, food poisoning.
    ☆ Cleaning up your own vomit is proper ADULTING. It’s not punishment. What would be punishment is cleaning up someone else’s vomit. Grow up.
    ☆ People on this site do not harass you. We talk about you and others with the same mental issues. I begin my posts “to” you, because you are too much of a coward to answer questions about your questionable actions and thoughts directly. It’s kind of like using “first-person.” If you don’t like it, don’t come here to read it. You make that choice. It is as if you believe a person who works at a local Dairy Queen is stalking you so you go there every day, watch them come and go, and follow them to see if they are going to stalk you.
    Kind of how you act in public, except your antisocial PD and paranoid delusions means you believe EVERYONE is stalking you. We do not. We read and watch your PUBLIC INTERNET POSTS. That is all.

  12. Candy has been melting down lately because I’m not letting it go whenever she calls me a “sex trafficker”.

    I thought Candy had me blocked but she can still see my Community posts so I’ve been responding to her there. Because of her insistence to document every time one of “them” says something about her, she almost always makes a new video or new community post responding whenever I mention her.

    Of course Candy thinks its reasonable to lie about other people, but it’s not reasonable if someone lies about her or even tells the truth about her. Two-faced hypocrite.

    I finally cornered her and demanded to know who I sex trafficked; she freaked out and started blathering on about how I’m a pervert and that the video I have of Bryan Tew touching himself proves I’m a sex trafficker.

    Um news flash Candy, Bryan made that video. I didn’t make that video. I didn’t put the camera in his dorm room nor did I set up the live stream. Bryan did. Bryan knew that he was being recorded since he set the camera up and set up the livestream and chose to touch himself anyway. You should talk to Bryan about that, not me.

  13. Whoa, Candy. Your thoughts and your feelings don’t mean a thing to anyone but you. Same thing about your evidence.
    You are right that your think differently than everyone else. You have been told you are both mentally ill and challenged all your life. That means you do not process things NORMALLY. Like just about everyone else not bothered by similar challenges and mental illness. That you expect the world to recognize that and conform to YOUR wishes is the very definition of NARCISSISM, just one of a number of personality disorders you seem to have.
    You need to learn to live in a normal world as someone with differences, and not expect everyone to give your likes, thumbs up, and all the other coddling you seem to think is owed you.
    It is just like RESPECT. You demand and crave respect, yet are one of the most unrespectful by both acts and words I have ever seen.
    It is obvious to just about every person you meet in person and every person who watches a few of your videos that you do not function based on REALITY, you have a problem with both sensory overload, delusions, and paranoia. Just like you have been told since you were a young child.
    You NEED help. Real help, not just money to buy what you think you need. You are almost 40 and you still perceive things like a child. My grandkids act better than you. You will never benormal, but you will always be YOU. And you are not what you think you are. You are not a normal, functioning adult. You never can be. I erased the “through no fault of your own,” because it is your own fault, by not getting treatment for your mental illness and not being in therapy for your views on life.
    That is why your family doesn’t want you around. You do nothing about your problems, and expect everything to just be the way you want it to be. You are a narcissist. If things don’t go your way or someone does something you do not like, you whine and cry and lock yourself in a tiny house with the windows covered and the lights off. Normal people don’t do that. Even people who think they are TIs don’t do that. That is why you lose support. You do NOTHING to help yourself. That gets old really, really fast.
    I would bet that if you tried to get help and had your mood stabilized (you are obviously manic and depressed) you would start to see how much people could help you. But they don’t do what Candy wants, so they are all going to hell? A bit over the top judgemental, unless you are God. Even with your trial at being a Christian all you do is judge people, which if you really knew your scriptures you would know is NOT WHAT JESUS WANTS. Church is for the sinners, and you are too good at go to any? Unless they are giving out food. And whine about other people being self righteous? Who is projecting now?
    Queen, the band, is made to be loud. So is all classical music. And all church music. If it bothers your ears, that is a YOU problem. There is actually things to do to help, that don’t require medication, but that means going to a doctor and doing something to really help yourself, so you won’t. Good God, Candy. This is why people watch your videos. You are a self-lighting, perpetual hot mess.
    And no one is sex-trafficking anyone, especially You and Bryan. No one has to. You both provide all the nasty anyone needs all by yourselves. No one wants your sk*nky a$$. Your TMI moments repulse people enough.

  14. Candy gets paranoid about the local cell phone tower while using her smartphone.

    She thinks it might be a 5G tower. It’s probably only 4G (perhaps with some legacy 3G) since 5G transmitters are closer to the ground and usually mounted on streetlight posts or telephone poles or are even buried under manhole covers.

    • Just one more trigger.
      There are few things left she is not triggered by, literally.
      And that she denies being a narcissist while expecting g the word conform to her thoughts and ways still makes me laugh. And calling people “sex-trafficker. ”
      And using psych-oriented diagnoses on everyone, including herself, but won’t get treated or even go to counseling because it is all Satanic and evil.
      She is a trudging contradiction. With no common sense.

  15. Oh, dear. Candy, you need ear plugs. No one is going to help you, because you are unreasonable, and your hearing condition laws covering noise means normal hearing, which you do not have. Really, I researched it. Here are two statements from lawyers familiar with the laws in Texas.
    1> “The only Texas state law covering noise is DISORDERLY CONDUCT. It protects against unreasonable noise exceeding 85 decibels following being warned by a magistrate or peace officer.

    -Important Note: According to the Texas D.O.C. statute noise is presumed to be unreasonable when exceeding 85 decibels after the noise maker receives notice from a magistrate or peace officer that the noise is a public nuisance.”

    2> “Under Texas law, a nuisance is a “condition that substantially interferes with the use and enjoyment of land by causing unreasonable discomfort or annoyance to persons of ORDINARY SENSIBILITIES attempting to use and enjoy it.” In other words, a nuisance is something that would annoy a REASONABLE PERSON. (Emphasis mine.)”

    You are out of ammo. It is what the cop told you. If you are annoyed, it is because of your condition, and a YOU problem, not a law problem. Your need to have perfect quiet makes you seem unreasonable. Go see an ENT, and get treatment. Try changing you, instead of changing the world to suit you. You seem to think that everyone is nuts to not be bothered by loud noises/music. No, the world thinks you are nuts for claiming the noise you hear is too loud. Do you never watch your videos? Most of the videos where you are “documenting your evidence” by recording noise are almost silent. You are documenting your unreasonable claims. Making you look crazy. And narcissistic. Really, really narcissistic.

    ” Signs you’re dealing with a narcissist:
    Lacking empathy. …(you calling people names and discussing things that are not your business. )
    Unrealistic sense of entitlement. …(You think the world should be run for YOU, to your standards.)
    Needs to be the center of attention. …(Drama, drama, drama everyday over ordinary little things, like not getting a full glass of water at a restaurant)
    Displays arrogant behaviors and attitudes. …(You think everyone is not up to your standards, so must be Satanic or worae.)
    Exploits and takes advantage of others. …(Your begging for everything, all the time, looking for pity, while misusing the funds you get.)
    Regularly talks about their fantasies of power, success, or beauty.”(Yeah, like a degree in a language you cannot speak means anything to anybody but you. )

  16. Candy has published another ebook, via Amazon and two links where you can read it for free. It has the usual pages of links, including to her fundraising.
    There are many things wrong with it, from an English language angle. The amount of weirdness in the content should make it clear to a reasonable person that the author has problems. Lots and lots of problems.
    Yes, I did a review.
    If you hear a rumble from the south-central region of the US, it is likely that she found that review. It is not a false review, it is how I really feel about her writing, I am not paid by anyone to leave a review anywhere, at anytime for anybody. That she thinks I am only points toward her paranoia. On her “Community ” on YouTube she gives the following disclaimer:
    “I’m a (formerly) homeless Targeted Individual, being Gang Stalked & tortured with Directed Energy Weapons. The gang stalkers think it’s funny to try to have me back on the streets again. I’m also an author & aspiring cook. Any negative reviews on any of my Amazon Kindle e-books, that you see, are fake, non-genuine inauthentic insults towards the target (ME), to sabotage my way of living. Thesepeople are human (sex/organ/labor, etc.) traffickers. They’re part of a Satanic criminal cult organization. They’re narcissistic abusers who get paid to slander and destroy innocent lives. Don’t participate. They get paid to write “bad” reviews on all of my ebooks, to try to keep me forced homeless & sabotage my income. They’re on their way to hell! Please don’t pay attention to them & let them deter you from supporting an innocent person.”
    I don’t see this disclaimer either on the Amazon site, nor in the book. I have read it, on my Nook Unlimited subscription plan, so it was free to me. I am only out my time, which is very short, because I’m don’t click through to links used like this. A link to a website chosen by the author is NOT research, as the author cherry-picks what is real and “fake” and she does not seem to know what “fake” means. Nor should anyone trust anything she thinks is true, because she is delusional.
    Oh, my. To claim this is written by a real author is an insult to authors. Just like saying she is a cook is an insult to cooks everywhere. Her blog also has two recipes for “healing,” one for skin and one for the chicken she cooked in acid in her crockpot, or at least the liquid from that. How she can call either “healing” because she still complains about both skin issues and nausea/vertigo. Yeah, right. Seems like psychosomatic issues are in play. Again.

    • Less than three hours after posting this on the Amazon site, two people have found it helpful.
      Once again, Candy, if my reviews interfere with your profit, who is the better writer?
      I just bet that there are classes you can take online that will polish your work to make it more readable. There are things in English that are just wrong. You do many of those things. And it’s not a matter of using your own voice. When you report it is not what you wanted and you don’t think it is good does you no service, either Learn to write better. When you claim that it could be better you give people an out to not bother. If you don’t like something you wrote, don’t publish.

  17. Oops, stopped writing too soon.
    Now she now claims I am “so jealous.” That I am too old to be that petty. That I didn’t have to read it. And the usual other things she says about me.
    I read it and review my true thoughts because she wants an echo chamber, not real communications with other people. I don’t like anyone like that. And I don’t like censorship, which she practices daily by blocking those who do not coddle her and agree with her 100g of the time.
    The surest way to get me to read a book is to BAN IT. Telling me I shouldn’t read something, makes me read it. I’ve been that way for 50 years, and I’m not going to stop now.
    And I review crap. I have told two top 10 authors that their latest efforts were awful. So it’s just not her. At least with those two, they had written great books before, and likely will produce a better book after.
    Candy hasn’t.
    Oh, well. Two people found it helpful, and that alone gives me all kinds of good feels.

      • Yeah, she’s kind of touchy today. Or rather Touchier than usual. I edited my review by adding her “disclaimer,” and saying she is crazy paranoid and followed me on social media to insult me. I also said I would like the disclaimer removed, because what author does that?
        This morning she is hating on everything and everybody. And that people who put their arms on the car windows are harassing her. Because she says so. Her opinion of herself baffles me completely. How low does she have to go to realize she needs help?

        • Candy is weirdly claiming that Amazon took down your review after she reported it but you came back on this morning last night and re-posted it. Best I can tell that never happened. I hop on over to her Amazon page about once a day just to take a look at the activity and would have noticed if your review was taken down.

          • She might have reported it, but I think the reason for the first review being taken down was my own fault. After thinking about it all, I tried to “edit” by adding on a paragraph about the disclaimer and how she is using me on social media.
            So I rewrote it, toned it down a touch, but put the disclaimer information in the first paragraph.
            She says she never contacted me online, yet with in a few shorts, she thinks people harass, as in “unwanted contact” by commenting anywhere online that is not an echo chamber. She considers that this blog is unwanted contact. No, she chooses to come here and she researches comments made by any person who is not echoing her wants and needs, whether they are directed to her or not, as fuel for her blocking power. I cannot answer her directly anywhere online, yet she can contact me anytime she chooses. But she won’t because she is a simple minded coward, who cannot make a cognizant rebuttal, so hides behind censorship. Shameful.

    • She’s saying you’re “lying on her”, that there’s nothing wrong with her grammar.

      A quick look at her eBook’s preview page shows she is the liar.

      • It is a hot mess in every way.
        She has stated many times that in college her assignments were incomprehensible. And as she doesn’t understand sarcasm or black humor, she says people used to pay her to edit their work. Her. Candy. I have always thought people paid her to laugh at her. It’s a theme that has run through her life, like kids giving her food they spit in and watching her eat it.
        You cannot go from incomprehensible to real, as opposed to “self”, publishing. And says I need to write an publish a book, and since I do not have one now, I am somehow jealous of her.
        She needs to refresh her memory on what the word “jealous” actually means, because she is not using it right.
        I actually have plans to self-publish a cookbook for my grandkids, with thoughts and stories of my life mixed in. So they have something that is truly me.
        But now I am moving my jealous ass to the store to get the ingredients for two strawberry cream pies. My own recipe, developed and perfected by myself when I’m couldn’t find a recipe like what I wanted. Tonight they are roasting a whole pig, for a Father’s Day dinner. I just hop the head will be removed first. I have wanted a pig for a pet for most of my life, and seeing the head being cooked will give me a sad.

    Candy has a video on her “Targeted By The Psych World Backup” channel about how gangstalkers are “provoking” her into a rage. About 30 minutes in, she talks about how “they” are giving her forced anal orgasms.

    This is really gross to think about and I don’t really want to comment on it, I just wanted to document that this is a topic she chose to bring up and share.

    I don’t know if corporate HR would ever get through 30 minutes of a Candy rant, but if they did, this is what they’ll find out about her sharing with the entire world online.

    • Yeah, it’s a sure sign she is mentally stable, polite, sticks to adult topics of conversation, has an inner filter, and has engaged in “backdoor play” enough to know what an “anal orgasm” feels like. Not a hot topic for employment, at least legal employment, except Nevada where that kind of thing is legal.
      I would also like to say I am making light of what was obviously an enjoyable, therefore not a rape, situation. Rape is never funny, nor enjoyable.
      Likely she would counter with “that was before I was a Christian,” but still….TMI, way beyond forced diarrhea and not something someone would say in 99.99% of adult conversation.
      And she is almost 40? Brilliant.
      And as a former HR, I don’t think an online search of her would be more than reading the titles of her videos, except as done for the WTF attraction.
      Because, WTF!!! Or rather, WT-BUTT-F.

  19. Once again, addressing Candy as though she was bound to read this. I must vent.
    Candy, you have mentioned that there were death threats made toward you. I do not approve of that type of behavior, but the comments made are a real gray area, so I know that no one would really do anything to you, or FOR you as in getting police involved.
    Sometime last week, you complained someone said you should be murdered. What, what, WHAT? How is it bad to say that, yet you did it yourself, calling me by name and identifying my location? And then shortly after that, in one of your livestreams, someone said she would have to look me up, as she was just over the state line from me. You ended up blocking her shortly after that so you might not be aware I informed her if she contacted or attempted to contact me in anyway, or not only would I call the police on her, and YOU, for giving her the idea.
    Stop lying about it, because many people saw that video, including the Pensacola police. Which means they will have a copy of it, because saying things like that can be construed as “incitement to murder,” a major felony. As no one has ever contacted me works to your favor. But it also means I have a reason to follow you on your PUBLIC posting on the internet.
    On a personal basis, you are repugnant, very flawed, and unable to control your life, so very interesting. But you signed me up to follow you when you said “Star Bricker needs to be murdered.” It was right after your failure to remain employed at the trampoline park.
    I am not insane, jealous, a psychopath, a sociopath, a Satanist, I do not lust after you, I do not want to be anything like you, but YOU first actually threatened ME. Telling you to get help, contacting the police about you, or saying your books and writings are awful is a threat to you. You have never proven anything you say about me, either. You don’t like me, you hate me, you want me murdered, all come from your mouth. You mentioned ME 30ish times, in a month when I did not mentioned you online anywhere. This proves you stalk me. Stop mentioning me.
    I have a right to comment on any book published, BTW. I am not lying in what I have said, either. You may think they are good, but I do not. Oh well. Likely your complaint did not remove the first review, but my action did. I tried to add a paragraph about the stupid disclaimer, using the edit function. If Amazon had removed my review because of you, I would have been notified. I wasn’t, I made a new review and it was approved. I even lightened up a bit. You don’t like it. Wahhhhh…..You have made your own bed. Sleep in it.
    You need help. How are things going for you now?


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