Drama Queen TIs

Sorry, not really a news post. Just a funny observation about how overly melodramatic TIs tend to be.

Saw several “I’m dying” posts today and started laughing. If you’re dying then call 911 / go to the hospital you lunatics!

Oh they are killing me! In fact they have been killing me for the last decade, this is an emergency!
What if I told you that nobody is “gang stalking” you and your problems are of your own doing? Your health isn’t great but you aren’t at death’s door you drama queen!
Bryan has been so “silenced” and “killled” that he was barely able to get this post out before they finally got to him. Lucky for Bryan he was able to get the same post out (or variations of it) about 500 other times over the past ten years. Any moment now Bryan will croak!

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  1. Meanwhile, in Candy Land, she’s heaping giant globs of butter on her oatmeal but says eating off of the value menu at the restaurant is too unhealthy.

  2. Bryan allegedly booked a ticket into Hong Kong so he can try to get a visa into mainland China. (You can apply for a visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, so I’m not sure what the point is of doing it in HK).


    Thousands of dollars on that Toyota going to waste. On the flip side of things, it was pretty clear that he wasn’t going to go forward with any sort of surgery or other treatment in the US.

    He can go to China and rack up more foreign hospital debt and make dramatic videos, I guess.

    • I know an itinerary or even a paid booking is never truly indication of certain travel for Bryan but it’s the most he’s done besides talking about it so far.

      • I’m skeptical that they’d even let him back into Hong Kong in his current condition, let alone mainland Chna.

        I’m also sure that China will be thrilled that he’s still posting scans of his not-yet-expired previous visa on the Internet.

      • Just noticed this video got TOS’d. Wonder if someone is flagging Bryan’s videos to fuck with him or if this is some automated AI thing.

        I assume it was for doxxing but can’t really be sure. He was only doxxing himself though but I guess whoever (or whatever tool) reviews reports doesn’t know the difference.

  3. Candy Grandpre is upset that I told her prospective employers are looking at her social media presence and it is a very likely reason why she’s being denied jobs.

    For the record, I’m not of the sexual orientation Candy accuses me of. Not that it matters. But I do love the nickname she chose for me!

    I mainly posted this to see if she still had me unblocked. She had me blocked for a while, then I saw her replying to a comment I made on that Cop Watch video a few weeks ago which obviously meant I was unblocked.

    • Someone in the comments is telling her not to apply to jobs using the same Google account name as her Youtube channel, which is sound advice but, even if she used a different e-mail address, they can still find the Youtube channel just by Googling her name, which is fairly unique (or, at the very least, she’s the Candy Grandpre who dominates Google/Bing/Duckduckgo/Yandex/etc… search results for her name).

  4. Candy is now falsely accusing me of sex trafficking and being money hungry. I definitely hit a nerve with her.

    In another post, she says I need to leave her alone and mind my own business. Yeah, about that. When are you going to start practicing that philosophy, Candy? You have an entire channel full of you going around and yelling at random people who have nothing to do with you instead of minding your own business. You also dox and harass innocent people.

  5. Kevin’s drawing lines over his chest hair. Cue Pee-Wee Herman singing “Connect the dots, la la la la, Connect the dots!”

    At least with the picture of his knee or elbow he posted the other week, I could sort of see how the shadows resembled half a face (even if it’s just pareidolia on my part), with this new one, nothing in the picture even comes close to registering as a “face”.

    • People are telling Kevin that they can’t see the smiley faces and people with sci-fi helmets having a party on his body hair.

      Kevin is accusing them of being trolls or whatever.

      For the record, I have no idea if this person is a troll wanting to rile him up or if he’s a TI who is simply saying he can’t see jack shit like the rest of us.

      • The other commenter says that “they” pixellate Kevin’s photos to hide the evidence.

        Kevin’s photos are junk to begin with * considering he takes photos of his body hair in low light which forces the camera into a high ISO sensitivity, resulting in a lot of grain and he probably only saves the photos as JPGs, which adds compression (unsure if iPhones even give you the option of saving the RAW image file). Then Kevin messes up the light and color levels in the image by playing with curves in Snapseed followed by Snapseed adding crap like fake film scratches and other marks, fake film grain (to an already grainy image), and other elements not in the original image with filters, especially Grunge, and he saves that image probably again as a JPG, adding even more compression. Finally, he uploads the image to “communities” in Youtube and Youtube itself adds more compression to the image to keep file sizes stored on their end lower.

        So, in a way, the commenter is correct, the quality of the photo has degraded just from it being posted to Youtube, but it’s not a conspiracy, it’s just Youtube compressing the image to reduce the file size because server space costs money.

        Okay, Kevin’s airport picture was decent but it was taken in daylight and I don’t think he added extra crap to the image with Snapseed filters to show us the holographic men he thinks live in his body hair.

  6. Yeah Candy, Greedy Girl” Grandpre shows all her stuff on the internet. And she a,so makes it easy with that “Link Tree.”
    Candy, GG, you are so very wrong about people not Googling you, looking for your past work experience and life. When you have zero employment of any length, that is the only thing they CAN do to try and find at least some references. Employers expects new hire employees to have some work experience, even if it is not related to the opening they are looking for. It is likely the FIRST thing they will do. Why? You are grown ass 39 year old woman, with a freaking bachelor’s degree, and you have nothing to show for it. Zero, zip, nada…your time spent NOT working is a potential problem. Were you jailed? Sick? Financially independent? No, you did not work because of a mental health issue supported by SSDI. And if you claimed “disability” at an interview, they will want to know what accommodations are needed, if any. If you say it is your ears, they will want a doctor’s note saying that is a disability and the ear buds have been prescribed to help. You will not be able to provide that. Your disability is a serious mental illness for which you have chosen to not treat (with anything BUT food). That is a problem. You are a liability. You are reported as being unable to work for a living, and having “paranoid delusions.” If you want to claim anything else, you NEED to be assessed by real medical doctors who have access to your entire medical history, especially the mental parts. Only a doctor can say how and why you are disabled. And employers know this. Unless you can magically produce evidence of another reason, your videos show you have a real problem. That is not society, not some clandestine super secret multi-million dollar plot against you, that is your behavior proudly reproduced every single video you make and post.
    And truthfully, take a look at the thumbnails from your history on YouTube. For long periods of time, you are shown only to be laying in bed, doing nothing. One of your latest videos is you talking about how maybe you can’t get a job, unless…….WHAT? Some magic job is created for you? A job without coworkers, noise, customers, bosses, and trainers that provides $20/hr, allows you to take breaks when you fell like it, spend as much time as you want making videos and using your phone while on the clock, gives you props for a degree even though it is useless, get paid everyday, allow you to move slowly and clumsily because you had two strokes as a child for which you have had no accommodations for disability, let you sit because standing makes your feet hurt, be on a bus route close enough you can get there with little effort? Oh, unless someone GIVES YOU A HOUSE AND A CAR, so you can work for yourself. By laying in bed all day? That’s all you produce…..a flat head. And more pounds and all the problems those make for you.
    You would be a liar to look at your videos and find something of worth to tell a prospective employer.
    As someone who read apps and did interviews, you would not have moved beyond the interview. You are sloppy, admittedly smelly, unkempt, arrogant, and glib. The people who interview can see all of that, then when they look for references, you provide nothing, so they Google you and…..honestly, I’m sure your videos are shared and laughed over. No one wants the person in your videos, blogs, Tweets Candy.
    You are a mess. You create problems everywhere you go. You find fault with everything you do and everyone you meet. You have unreasonable expectations. And your mental, intellectual, and emotional difficulties are apparent to everyone except people who are just as broken as you are.
    Now, kindly show how you exposed ME or anyone else to be a sex trafficker, a Satanist, paid to have an opinion about you, or any of the other things you think you have done. You merely saying I am something is not proof, either. Nor is not liking my Church or choice, without admitting you find all churches coming up short in your opinion. Do you have ANYONE you don’t bad mouth? People who hire see and do not like that as well.

  7. Bryan shows off his swollen feet. I’m far from a doctor or other medical professional but the first thing that came to mind was diabetes. I know diabetes can make your feet puffy.

    I know Bryan’s diet is total garbage (Cap’n Crunch ‘n Munch and the huge piles of sugar he puts in his coffee) so it seems like a sensible explanation but I don’t really know.

    • As someone who has this problem, the first cause is being overweight and under active. Another cause can be not drinking enough water, which seems backward, but is not. The important things that can cause this are heart failure and kidney failure. Diabetes is kind of an “add-on” to both of these. Candy shows what happens when you don’t treat it correctly. Your feet swell, then your ankles, then your calves, until walking is painful, and you end up with issues with peeing at a high volume, both quantity and frequency. If you continue to not treat yourself right, your toes swell. When your hygiene is subpar, and you walk barefooted in swim club locker rooms and cheap motels, you get athlete’s foot. Then the fungus goes wild, your skin starts to split open, which opens up wounds that hurt, bleed, and likely will get infected. And that also means your toes will become even more swollen.
      The way both Bryan and Candy eat, their self-induced stress levels, weight, and relative inactivity, they are likely at least pre-diabetic. Which should be treated, and some control should be taken with the amount and type of food they eat. Candy is good about divulging the amount of food she eats, as well as the poor selection of choices, and she eats like an uncontrolled diabetic. It would explain a lot of her other symptoms, like feet burning. That’s likely diabetic neuropathy, when your blood flow becomes limited and your nerves start firing for no apparent reason. Having athletes foot and diabetic neuropathy is VERY BAD. It is why people lose toes, feet, and legs. Diabetes means you also will heal slower.
      Bryan’s cankles are not that bad. If he drank more water and was more active, it probably would not be a big problem.
      But Candy is making things worse by trying “natural” treatments. Like slathering her feet, when she can reach them, with coconut oil. She mentioned maybe keeping her feet in trash bags and that she might be leaving greasy spots on the bed. And she her whole leg swells, she sometimes pees more than an 80 year old man with an enlarged prostate, and she eats a lot of bad food choices. And is 5′ 2″, close to 300 lbs, and lays in bed all day every chance she can. She needs a full physical and blood work-up. She also has some signs she might be hypothyroid. She’s a mess.

  8. One of Bryan’s doctors comments on his offending odor. Bryan comments he will change doctors, rather than bathing.
    I understand living in your vehicle presents hygiene challenges but I also know for $10 a month a gym membership will provide you with a means to bathe. Maybe rather than frivolously blowing your money on flights you may or may not make and the latest MacBook/Facebook glasses/multiple iPhones/iPads/tablets, you could, I don’t know, spend $10 a month to have access to a shower?

    • I’d say the odds are about 4:3 against Bryan leaving the United States at the end of May since I suspect that he’ll have another bout of drowsiness or whatever that’ll “prevent” him from getting on the plane, but, even if he does arrive at the airport at Hong Kong, I suspect he won’t clear customs this time (and, even if he does, he’s certainly not getting back into mainland China looking how he looks now).

      Like I’ve said before, Bryan looks so much more like a mentally ill drifter today compared to how he looked in 2018 and now we have confirmation from a doctor that Bryan has the “bum stank” to match his dishevelled appearance.

      • I seem to recall Bryan trying to get into China a couple of years ago but not being successful at it. I kinda remember him being in the airport and trying to secure a visa but not being able to. It was pretty brief and uneventful so I don’t have a strong memory about all the details. Maybe he was trying to apply for asylum and they laughed him out of the visa office (that’s one thing he seems to have trouble grasping – China is not an asylum destination and they probably don’t have a process for dealing with someone claiming asylum)

    • I thought he did have a membership to a gym like 24 Hour Fitness or something. But yeah I can imagine him not really wanting to go there because “they” have cameras in the shower so he can be monitored.

  9. Okay, I am feeling snarky.
    No one needs any explanation how to make a peanut butter sandwich. That you are using honey instead of jam is not earth-shatteringly original, nor hard to figure out. All honey will crystallize under the right condition, not just raw. It’s only a sign that honey is a sugar. That single sandwich is about 500 calories, most of them from carbs and sugars, so not especially healthy. Especially when your other food choices at Trader Joe’s were poptarts, Candy bars and cookies…..all of which are gone in 3 days.
    Those maple cookies are 110 cal a serving, but a serving is ONE cookie. Ouch. A person your approximate weight burns 114 calories an hour just laying in bed. That calorie budget is way off “healthy” and “eating right.”
    Your last two short stories are down to your formula, makes poor use of time span, and contain more actual information about people not even in the story than the main character. AGAIN.
    You also look like you are using a thesaurus because some of your word choices are weird. It’s jarring.
    A two year old would not have a German accent, even if her parents do.
    Both stories rely on things hidden from the main character to advance the story, which is weird. Part of character development is their knowledge about themselves and the world around them, and both stories the main characters just blindly make major decisions.
    From “I’m a strong independent woman” to “I found my prince” in a day? Really? No. That’s kind of like a smoker saying “I quit tobacco! No more cigarettesfor me” on one day and then “I’m only smoking cigars,” the next. It’s not real and is just stupid.
    A person who emigrated as a two year old is not “moving back” to Germany. It will be completely foreign to her. Even stories from her parents would not help, because the Germany of today is far from the Germany they lived in. She might as well go to Japan. But hey, given the lapse in time between leaving Germany after WW2 and her driving kids in a school bus with phones means she is a senior citizen. Of course, she probably still has to work, what with working all those years without a contract, insurance, and retirement pensions….somethings someone who is a substitute teacher/bus driver would not get.
    You asked on Twitter if people write about things they are not familiar with. The answer should have been a resounding “Yes!” But the successful writers RESEARCH. I might not know about riding horses, because I don’t like horses, but I would visit a horse farm, watch some horse movies, read some books about horses, and talk to people who do ride horses before feeling confident about my story being something besides crap.
    You do not do this.
    Your story that you preface with how you have lived there for a while so now you can write a story about Cincinnati, only had names of real streets and a hospital. Any one could change that to any city just by looking up a Google map.
    Vlad is an idiot who wastes money. Why would anyone need two AirTags on a single vehicle? They would both be going to the same place, just separated by about six feet. Dumb. And illegal, but does the wronged person get her dignity back? No, she remained in the dark and left open to more abuse. Is that being empowered? No, it’s your decision to keep your main character a VICTIM. No fancy mani-pedi is going to help that. Way to misunderstand the focus of International Women’s Day. Not a Queen, but an abused woman who decides she needs a Prince, and finds one all in a single day.
    I actually know about Coach Dietrich than about Hannah herself. There is a cause and effect. You could have simply said “subbing in PE.” But we know name, effect, and cause.
    We know Hannah’s name. We can extrapolate she is an old woman at this point, but that is on the reader, not the author. Oh, wait, we are told she speaks with a German accent, which is, again, unrealistic and stupid.
    You are constantly accusing me of saying you cannot make a living by being a author. And you say that I make people not buy your books. Stop. I do not like your writing, and I don’t think you ever will be known as a good author. That people do not read your writing is on the author, YOU, not me, a critic. I have done nothing to stop you from writing, nothing to dissuade anyone from reading it for themselves, and cannot somehow get anything “banned” on Amazon. Your book on CV-19 was pulled by them for being medical misinformation, which happened to any book that was spreading wrong science. If people read my review and disagree, they should give you a positive review. But if people are not reading your stuff? I am not doing anything to stop people reading your things. Your paranoia is showing. People don’t buy your books or donate for your effort because they do not like them. And right now, you are asking for about $400/wk combined room, food, and incidentals. I’ve not seen you say you make any major $ from your writings, so is it a job and are you being “productive?” No.

  10. The narcissist Candy Grandpre complains about some guy in an elevator not having manners or respect for her without even a hint of self-reflection towards her own behavior that she films herself.

    • Yeah, she really needs a large blinking sign to wear saying “NO LOUD NOISES, NO CONTACT, STAY AT LEAST SIX FEET AWAY, I AM DISABLED, DAMMIT!”
      She has more rules for those around her than she has for her own behavior. Because she is so narcissistic that everyone doing anything means they are “perps.” Every single person in Cincinnati is being paid to await her presence and annoy her.
      I am from the Midwest, and know that we do not say “Hi” to a stranger just because they say “Hi” to you. Nor do we care if we are doing anything she thinks requires an apology. We are polite, but distant with strangers. The people in Cincinnati are responding to her presence absolutely normally. And we are also good at pointing out someone’s weird behavior. It sounds like the guy in the motel office was just openly pointing out her weird/rude/bad behavior. If you are using an elevator and you see that someone is there, you speed up so you don’t have to wait. Perfectly normal. And we are polite enough we look to see if anyone is coming and hold the door for them. We don’t act like we need the entire elevator to ourselves, and those that do are rude and we will tell you about it.
      She needs to stop thinking she is so special that normal ordinary people who don’t give a shit about her craziness should do her bidding. No one cares about her. And her behavior in the streets with her camera up taking video of people will get her into more trouble than she thinks. If I were to hear someone taking video and calling people the names she does, I would point out her bad behavior to the people she is insulting for.no reason. “Hey, did you see this lady videoing you? She called you a criminal perv.” Unless she can prove either of those claims, in the Midwest, she will get beat down.
      She not in the South anymore. We don’t do the niceties she expects. If you cross us by being rude or invading our privacy, we will tell you about how unhappy we are with your behavior.

      • Oh, and let us all cringe that someone thinks it is normal to not remove trash from a motel room, especially when she is eating fish in the room and uses pee pads, soaked. And has a whole blog about how she is afraid to plug up toilets with toilet paper, so throws it away like she learned to do in Central America.
        And she kept the trash in her room for DAYS.
        Damn, she nasty.

    • Another one with a first half minute of no self-reflection whatsoever.

      She’s not even the only TI I’ve seen that just throws around the word “narcissistic” as a “to go” insult.

      I don’t remember the name of the Youtube channel but every single video was like a half-hour plus rant with about “narcissists” through a voice changer. Normal adults with common sense can also be annoyed at narcissists occasionally but narcissists really aren’t that common and are not something I generally spend a lot of time thinking about. The only narcissist I see in most Candy videos is Candy herself.

  11. Looks like Candy’s burning money by buying “organic”, which is a significant markup over regular groceries.

    • Her choices could be better but certainly could have been much worse.

      I’m not going to knock her for wanting something pleasurable to eat but that girl has got to be diabetic or pre-diabetic with her current weight situation. I’m barely overweight but I am genetically pre-disposed to diabetes and my doc has warned me about my blood sugar, so I’m basically swearing off sweets and heavy carbs more than maybe once a week.

      Why not some whole wheat bread, slices of cheddar, some lunch meat, and some leafy green vegetables (lettuce or spinach)? Pretty cheap and ticks off the boxes for reasonably good nutrition, plus easy to prepare (quite fine to eat cold).

      Organic is a big scam. As someone with disposable income, I don’t even buy organic because I know it’s basically a fraud upon consumers and I’d rather save my money and not support that industry.

      (I know Candy’s first thought is going to be to say that we don’t believe she “deserves” organic. No, I don’t believe anyone “deserves” organic ‘cuz it’s basically a scam and the companies behind organic food, while not as large as the big ag companies, are still a multi-billion dollar industry fleecing consumers).

      • BTW, I remember when Aldi first came to America (or at least to my area, not exactly sure when they started) they were basically a grocery store for poor or frugal people. None of that organic nonsense. No credit cards accepted, almost everything was a store brand, etc.

        Then at some point, like around 2015 or so, they remodeled all their stores to look fancier and basically pivoted to being a regular grocery store with higher end selections and organic stuff.

      • I wan’t going to go so far as to say that organic is a total scam (more like “feelgood marketing for yuppies”), it’s just, when she’s begging on the Internet just to be able to continue staying in an extended stay hotel for another few weeks, paying significantly extra for the organic milk over the regular, say, Walmart Great Value milk seems like a luxury she can ill afford.

      • Absolutely, organics are a waste of money. I used to order that sub-department, and then organics became more mainstream out of the regular warehouses. Organic food s are not nutritionally better. They are not cleaner. They are not chemical-free.
        They are more expensive because a store is expected to have them and not that many people fall for the falsehoods surrounding the label “organic.” So we would get a (hypothetical) 20 lb box of organic romaine, for more than half the cost of a 40 lb box of regular. Then people see the Org is $4.99lb, and regular is $2.99tlb, and buy the regular. So the organics variety sits, and is trimmed and culled twice a day until it is too small to sell, and we throw it away. It’s called “shrink ” and was to be avoided at every opportunity. And sadly those who buy into the shpeil consider it a must that they have only what they know they will, eat, and take off leaves too dark, or torn, or dirty, and take only the heart, tossing the leaves they reject into the display, to be cleaned up and tossed.
        Produce department work with customers can be maddening. Do you know why most stores have a little pile of single bananas? Not for customer convenience, it is because people tend to pick up a hand (actual name for a bunch of bananas), not even look at them and just break one off. Is it bad? NO. They just decide they only wanted one less than this hand came with. We’re there other hands with less bananas, including the number they “wanted”? Yes. Always. What do the produce department end up doing with the single? Let them set in a pile, until they get too ripe, and throw them away. People who do want a single banana see those single bananas (or anything else they can choose amount), and think “those have been rejected by someone, there must be something wrong with it” and will take a single banana off a hand.
        I hate the more modern produce departments where everything is in a box or bag. You can’t see the quality, and are forced to get a set quantity you may not want.
        But I hated customers plowing through the department even more.

    • Candyxs ideas about food are based on a story from her past. Her foster mom checked out her refrigerator, saw she had real butter, and told Candy her budget did not allow for that, she should get margarine. So Candy gets butter, and follows along the same basic ideas with everything.
      Like bread. She gets Ezekiel 4:9 bread. At my local Kroger those range between $6 and $14 a loaf.
      Budgeting is not a strong point with her. If she has the money, she will buy it. Kind of like allowance day as a kid.

      • Ezekiel 4:9 bread

        Oh, geez, that’s a real brand? I had to look it up because I couldn’t believe it but it exists.

        I’m not saying where I live for OP Sec reasons but I don’t think any supermarket or Walmart within a hundred miles of me would carry that brand of bread.

        • Yeah, it pushes all the buzzwords on being “healthy.” I’ve tried it, and did not like it. I don’t care how healthy it is, if it tastes like that, I’ll stick with Brownberry Health Nut. It tastes great.
          Sprouted grain bread has always reminded of the sprouted waste beneath a bird feeder. That’s fully natural, too…but I wouldn’t want to eat it. And I used the “zero waste” birdfood.

  12. “They” caused Bryan Tew to go to a strip club. No elaboration on what he did at the strip club or if the strip club visit solved his overactive libido.

    Wonder if he got a lap dance while smelling like a dead skunk. Hope he left a good tip.

    (The video associated with his post doesn’t mention the strip club, just him whining about his “burning lust”)

    • I have some theories about this. It’s totally speculative but based on his previous behaviors involving gay hookup spots in San Diego, nightmares about football players, and daydreams about Rafael Nadal, I really wouldn’t be surprised if he went to the strip club to cleanse his mind of homosexual thoughts.

    • Bryan briefly talks about the strip club in this video (approx 2m30s): https://www.facebook.com/100006880090844/posts/172314528933249

      He says nobody was there so he walked out and looked at pornography instead.

      He keeps saying his Christian sermons and music fixes everything so why didn’t he just look at a picture of Jesus instead?

      He then says it’s “not normal to burn with lust all day long”. Guess he never suffered from “blue balls” as a teenager.

    • Agreed, and the same goes for that Youtube video advertising a Discord specifically for harassing Candy.

      I think Candy needs serious mental health treatment but, as is the case with other TIs, I don’t agree with people messing with her in real life (not including reporting her bad behavior to people who need to know about it).

  13. Yeah, this crosses the line for me, too. I’ve wanted on occasion to make a video, but it will only add fuel to her crazy-hate fire. I knew from the start she was both mentally/emotio ally/intellectually challenged in addition to having a major mental illness and more alphabet disorders than any one person should have. I want only for her to get treatment. I know she will never be fully “better,” but treatment will get her closer to having a functional, happy existence off the streets.
    Which she would fight tooth and nail and likely need to be somewhere safe for everyone involved.

  14. I had a “moment” this morning. It was like a small part of my brain ground to a puzzling halt. Then I started laughing.
    The most narcissistic, judgemental, unholier than thou, rude, disrespectful, nasty, ignorant hygiene person I know has a video titled “#narcisstic #gangstalkers have no manners and respect” and starts with this sentence: ” this video I’m gonna talk about how um people with narcissistic personalities they are so rude ill-mannered and disrespectful and live like sloppy animals and it’s even worse when you’re a “ghetto” narcissistic abuser who’s you know just ignorant.”
    I have often said these people can walk through a house of mirrors and never see themselves. Yeah…

    • I think Candy just basically uses “narcissist” as a catch-all insult for “anyone I don’t like” or, more specifically, “anyone who doesn’t cater to my every whim”.

      Obligatory, “You [Candy] keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

      • And a narcissistic abusing gangstalker is just someone who is not giving her way. She wants to sit in a bus shelter alone, and someone else wants to sit there, too? Gangstalker. She wants absolute quiet and someone is DOING THEIR JOB vacuuming or using leaf blwer? Gangstalker! She be hungry and is given a measured portion size? Narcissistic abuser trying to starve her!
        In Candy’s world the only person who is not narcissistic is Candy.

        • I made a community post on YouTube by sharing one of Candy’s videos with my commentary. I made the observation that she doesn’t understand the definition of narcissism. She made a reply video calling me a sex trafficker and a narcissist. (Not upset, just disappointed that this is her best idea of a comeback)

          • I believe you’re a sex trafficker even less than how much I believe you’re a narcissist (which is to say, not at all).

            Granted, I don’t know how high of an opinion you have about yourself but (my own opinion of myself isn’t very complimentary) but I’ve never seen anything from you that leads me to believe that you don’t just want but need for other people to have an exaggeratedly high opinion of you. We’re just random anonymous bystanders on the Internet commenting on Youtube insanity and stupidity.

  15. Bryan Tew is having a normal one. Rambles on about how TIs don’t have a real audience (all the subs and viewers are just supercomputers surveilling you) and how you need to disable comments because the comments are a form of mind control that will kill you. (The real reason he disables comments is the cognitive dissonance he receives from people pointing out his lies, inconsistencies, and fallacies)

    He says Ella Free is part of the conspiracy to murder him. Says she filed the copyright strike on him (Ella Free was the 3rd strike that resulted in Bryan’s channel /w thousands of videos being deleted). Doesn’t acknowledge that he was posting copyrighted stuff w/o authorization, including Ella Free’s videos. We went over this, Bryan’s use of movie clips and other people’s videos went well beyond fair use. Re-uploading someone’s video verbatim and putting a comment in the description box doesn’t count as fair use of someone else’s videos.

    Repeats the nonsense about how the TI conference calls are a CIA plot to map out everyone’s brain and yells at everyone to “Get off the conference calls!”. It’s always funny to hear him say that because I get on those calls every once in a while and see Bryan there giving some kind of speech or arguing with people.

    Mentions seeing a video of a TI holding a magnet to a chest /w the TI claiming the magnet helped him. Basically called him an idiot and says “The magnet is doing nothing so I sent him some Christian comic strips to help him instead” with no hint of the awareness of his irony.

    As usual no proof for anything Bryan claims.. You’re just supposed to believe him.

    Keeps calling Robert Duncan a “Dr.” when Duncan has no PhD. Bryan’s skepticism of everyone does not extend to Duncan whom he believes without any reservation.

    Makes fun of Katherine Horton (who actually does have a PhD, though I don’t claim she is credible) for wearing a tinfoil hat. I remember Bryan borrowing the pots/pans from a hostel in Latin America many years ago and made a video of him using it as shielding.

    Goes after Vulcan Wolverine a little bit.


    • Mentions seeing a video of a TI holding a magnet to a chest /w the TI claiming the magnet helped him. Basically called him an idiot and says “The magnet is doing nothing so I sent him some Christian comic strips to help him instead” with no hint of the awareness of his irony.

      I think that’s also a reference to Vulcan Wolverine who frequently wears a pouch with magnets with it on his chest or shoulders in his most recent videos.

      • Ah okay. I was listening to Bryan’s video at 2x speed and might have missed him call him out by name. I just thought it was hilarious that he thought that sending him what I presume were those Jack Chick comics was going to be any more or less helpful than the magnets.

        (I’ve been listening to Candy and Bryan videos at 1.5, 1.75, or 2x speed lately. 2x might be a tad too fast for Bryan’s speaking cadence)

        It always strikes me how different TIs have totally different experiences and different explanations. Kevin Christian gets zapped in the sack and butthole and blames an elderly guy on the street over from him for obtaining a mind control helmet from his ex gf, doesn’t seem to believe the government is involved at all. Candy thinks devil-worshiping narcissists are being deployed against her and force her to poop/piss herself. No consistency at all.

        Bryan actually seems to realize the inconsistencies exist but he just looks upon anyone who has a different experience than him as a “perp” being sent to discredit the movement.

  16. Kevin: My Facebook groups are being shadow-banned!

    Also Kevin: I need you to join the groups but then you can leave them if you want.

    I’m not sure how the Facebook algorithm works but I suspect a lot of people joining groups just to immediately unjoin, like Kevin is advising them to do, would have a negative effect on visibility since I’m sure Facebook will detect it as being inauthentic activity.

  17. YouTube’s advertisement and video targeting algorithm is telling on Bryan. This was a screenshot posted by Bryan of his YouTube suggestsions.

  18. Note to Kevin, a double icon glitch on your iPhone is definitive proof of… a double icon glitch on your iPhone and absolutely nothing else.

    I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t try this for myself but it seems like the solution is simply to remove one of the duplicate icons.


    I was going to “Photoshop” (as in open source Photoshop alternative) Kevin’s face into a parody of the You Can’t Do That on Television logo with the cracks shattering the image but I’m on a Mac and I needed more than what the basic MSPaint equivalent I have installed could do so I tried installing GIMP but I’m getting the error where it can’t find X11, whatever that is, and solving this is more effort than I’m willing to put into a visual gag that’ll only ever be seen by maybe 8 people.

    • Speaking of things Kevin showed us on his iPhone, why does he appear to be researching travelling to Somalia?

      There are several countries I’d love to visit in Africa myself but Somalia is definitely one where I’d heed every single travel advisory and stay far, far away from. If Kevin wants to visit an African country that’s generally off the beaten path for western tourists, Namibia is generally supposed to be very safe save for pickpockets in Windhoek.


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