Professional TI Beggar Candy Grandpre Discovers This Website

Is it time we have a Candy Grandpre thread? I think so. Candy won’t stop talking about me, despite me NEVER making a post about her on here. I don’t find her interesting – she’s just a paranoid vulgar professional beggar wanting attention. Well here’s your attention!

I don’t have a lot to say about her. She has a YouTube channel where she frequently posts about her adventures being homeless on the streets of Pensacola and accusing random innocent people of gangstalking her. The people who respond to her have no fucking clue what she’s rambling on about and deny the accusations which makes her in turn accuse the innocent victims of “gaslighting” her. Notice how these paranoid nutters always like to accuse people of gaslighting them?

She also has an ongoing feud with her twin sister Brandy, you can see Brandy’s frequent responses to Candy’s bullshit over on her channel here.

Here’s a video she posted today going over my posts accusing me of slander, lies, etc. Nothing I’ve posted is a lie. She also briefly weighs in on Kevin Christian’s butthole zapping.

(The stuff about tiwatch starts around 1m 40s)

22 thoughts on “Professional TI Beggar Candy Grandpre Discovers This Website”

  1. This 5 year old in a grown woman’s body is the worse. She’s the real gang stalkers she harassed and curses out innocent people daily. She stays talking about me and my child. I hate this stupid bitch. She’s a sick scammer running around with a nasty abscess in her mouth but she has medicaid. Dumb bitch ?

  2. Oh, boy. I set a trap to show she Googles me, and she fell into it. I made an account on “Buy me a coffee” website, but did not publish anything past one article. She even mentioned sometime last week how she Googled people, quickly changing it to “researching” or “stuff like that. (One of her affectations in her videos)” And marveled that someone could exist with out a criminal record, not even a parking ticket. In one of her “bad people talk about me online” videos this past week, she showed my page on BMAC. Caught ya, Candy.
    She lives in her own reality, far removed from actual facts. No one can control her internet accounts, but she can whine about other people saying things on other people’s pages/accounts. Why? She is “exposing” them, not stalking, lying, and slandering them. Uh, no, Candy. Quid pro quo, Candy. Expect people to Google you when you show you Google them.
    And now she is saying she never threatened me. Thing is, Candy, the POLICE watched that video, and contacted you, so there is a bit of documentation that you said I need to be murdered. Just because you removed the video does not mean it is gone from history. And I have never threatened you, nor said I was going to shoot you. What I said was that you will run up to the wrong person at an ATM and you will be shot, and that it would be your own stupid fault. The thing you seem to not understand, Candy, is your presence. You are not tall, but you are big, and you are yelling at people who have no idea what you are talking about which looks more than a bit crazy. And you LOOK like you have some developmental, intellectual, and maturity “challenged” issues. You mentioned how a coworker asked you who your caseworker was last week. It’s because you look and act and behave like a child. Heck, I am almost 20 years older than her, and have never been banned from anywhere. I don’t know anyone who has been banned from anywhere. You have around 70 places where you cannot go. That’s not gangstalking, that YOUR inappropriate behavior. You were recognized as being mentally ill when you were a small child, including arson, killing a pet, attacking a boy’s face, and have even admitted that you were “homicidal and suicidal” when you were a kid. Somethings you don’t outgrow, and mental deficiencies are one of those things. You read your medical records on video, and it was a diagnosis of paranoid delusions. Get help. You cannot make it on your own. Your own life’s story proves it to anyone who is not also mental ill.

    • Candy,

      I never made a post about you here until you mentioned my website in your dumb video about me. I have never made a post about that Nappy Headed Roots person, ever.

      I made that video with you in it as a direct response to you attacking me in the comments of my videos. I never talked to you prior to that.

      Get your facts straight, witch!

      • The term “Sodomite” shows all levels of crazy, archaic, and homophobic holier-than-thou thinking. It should be on YouTube bot list of “can’t say that here stuff, but she has been slinging slurs since I first saw her about two years ago. She considers anyone against her to be homosexual, because religion is only right if you believe like she does. Can’t judge or condemn her, but it’s her “Christian” duty to call out every single person she knows, claiming she is exposing people’s crimes. I am a “dyke” according to her, despite being married to the same man for 41 years.
        Because I know she will see this, I contacted the police and the man who was set to open a business, and would have customers in cars using the dark alley you were sleeping in. All the other claims you make about me are your paranoid delusions. Prove otherwise. I know you won’t, because you can’t prove something that is wrong and because you are a coward. You know you are mentally ill, you have always been mentally ill, and will always be mentally ill. Stop running away from the truth.

        • Yeah I chuckled at that. I’ve never once discussed my sexuality on here. For the record Candy, I’m not gay. But if I were it still wouldn’t matter.

          What I find sad is that her twin sister apparently has offered to give Candy a place to stay but Candy would rather stay homeless and be a beggar than take up her sister’s offer of residence because she does not approve of her sister’s own lifestyle (which though is none of my business but apparently her sister is gay and has a domestic partner).

      • > I have never made a post about that Nappy Headed Roots person, ever.

        She’s probably referring to that one comment I made a couple of months ago on an open thread post showing videos from the “Call Me Nappy Targeted Individual” (formerly “Nappy Head Roots”) channel with Nappy harassing a pregnant driver for having one headlight out (which he thinks is a gangstalking signal) and approaching a different driver in the middle of the night with what appears to me to have been a crowbar.

        Bryan Tew – Open Thread

        Because, apparently, I’m not allowed to call out threatening-seeming behaviour from Nappy because he’s not psychotic, all these random drivers really are stalking him and don’t just have burnt out or unbalanced headlights. /s

        • Apparently Candy doesn’t know the difference between a post and a comment and isn’t able to read the names next to people’s comments to know who wrote them.

  3. Candy responds to this website again with “liar, liar” (but doesn’t substantiate the accusation) and asks us to stop meddling in her business. I guess Candy thinks she has free speech but we don’t.

    (FF to 10m50s for her comments on this website)

    • She can say anything she wants anywhere because she is exposing us criminals. Or are we Satanist? She changes her pronouncements every video she makes, which gets confusing. Like her writing. I think the only reason why I’m the only one reviewing her “books” is because people don’t want to muddle through to the end OR don’t like to leave non-positive reviews. It should be a clue. If my reviews are stopping people from reading her books, who is the better writer? Suck on that Candy. I think even people who claim to be a TI look at her and see she is nutty as a Payday bar. Watching her videos does not take long, especially because she speaks so ssssslllllooooowwwwlllllyyyyy the only way I can watch them is at 2× speed. She still doesn’t prove anything she says about anything, except that she is telling “her truth.”
      Candy if you want the truth, go back and read your psych eval. It spoke volumes, a lot better than you can spit out a sentence. And because details are not Candy’s strong point, my Twitter accounts haven’t been used for a very long time. And the only reason I used it at all was I did a Google search of my name and saw her lying about me. The same reason I rejoined Quora. She says I need to write a book, and has in the past said I am jealous of her…..uh, “writing.” Oh, please. One of my Quora answers has 1500+ Up votes. And I’ve never had any warnings about my questions or answers….unlike her. She is seeking affirmation, and will accept anything that gives her that. Believe she is a victim of everyone she has ever known, and all the circumstances in which she has found herself, and she will love you….until you mention a choice she made was not a good one.
      Candy, I won’t ever say you are right until you are mentally and emotionally stable. To do so is a disservice to you. If I here someone giving bad directions, I will butt in and correct it. Your existence now is a bad direction, which you need to correct. Prayer isn’t enough, because you claim your faith, then damn someone to hell in the same sentence. You faith is actually quite small, because you would rather believe that stupid things like witchcraft, voodoo, and conspiracy theories have an impact on your life, instead of claiming the whole Armour and overcoming through strength of character and the power of the Holy Ghost. You choose to cower and whine. How has that been working out for you? Seems to be poorly.

  4. Just like Candy’s excessive and ignorant use of the term “gaslighting”, she also calls people “narcissistic” without actually knowing what that means:

  5. Candy thinks that having a white car and/or a broken headlight means you’re a gangstalker. Starting your engine within earshot of Candy is also gangstalking. Spooky!

    • I think she probably gets her paranoia about headlights and the supposed gangstalking symbolism of having one headlight burnt out (or brighting) from Nappy Head Roots/Call Me Nappy Targeted Individual, who frequently gets out of his van to berate drivers with a bullhorn, telling them that they’re terrorists and are going to trigger mass murder (Nappy somehow believes that the asshole who committed the shooting spree at the San Jose light rail facility this past summer was reacting to having seen too many cars with one headlight out).

      While people who have a headlight burnt out should get it fixed, the obvious problem with the notion that it’s gangstalking symbolism is that it’s visible to everybody they drive by, not just the one paranoid person who is using one headlight being burnt out as “proof” of being targeted.

      • Since I was already talking about Nappy Head Roots here in the comments to the Candy post, here he is stalking a San Jose ambulance just to tell it via his obnoxious bullhorn that he’s not triggered (even though he was totally self-triggered into following it).

        If the time code doesn’t work, the ambulance bit starts around 5 minutes, 20 seconds in.

        Come to think of it, is it even legal to use a bullhorn while driving in California under their hands free laws? I think he might have it mounted in the van but he’d still be holding the mic part.

  6. Now Candy is mixing up all kinds of things. I tried contact, honestly telling her, via text, that I was worried after a complete meltdown, she disappeared. If she had not answered, I would have contacted her local PD for a welfare check. The next time I contacted them was because she identified me by name and location and said I need to be murdered. Which she now just blows off as something in anger, saying it’s not a threat. I informed the Police, sent them a link to the video, and they contacted her, after watching more of her videos. She recorded the encounter. Now she is saying that they told her I called for a welfare check. No they didn’t. They wouldn’t include my name. Now she is saying that I admit, here on this blog that I called her job at a parachute park and told her to watch her videos. Nope. That I have called motels to get her banned. Nope. Restaurants? Nope. She removes videos so no one can fact check her delusions. That I was able to use her own videos to show her current location she calls “illegally, unlawfully, and undeservedly” or that I must be CIA or FBI. Now that people know where she is, she is afraid someone will tell bosses/coworkers to watch her videos and she will lose her job.
    Candy, get help. Your life is bounded by your irrational fears. You worry about some really stupid stuff. Swallowing some salt or baking soda or even H2O2 while swishing your mouth is not going to do anything to you. Grow up and act like an adult. Other people have better memories than you about things. Get help. Think about this….the only times you had a bed and 3-squares was when you were being treated as special needs. The only times you have been homeless have been when you tried to be independent and uneducated. You are depressed. You don’t do anything about it but whine and complain. I am depressed, and I have a fatal disease. But I take a single pill and am able to be me, without the symptoms of depression to hold me back. When you finally get back to your storage unit, reread your psych evaluation, and know that the people you meet and interact with every day would likely agree with the conclusions. You need help, physically, emotionally, mentally, even spirituality. To think you can overcome all on your own is toxic narcissism. Sometimes God’s blessings are the knowledge to fix things easily, through knowledge. MEDICAL knowledge has come a far way. Would you refuse medical help for a heart attack? The leader of my Church is a cardiac surgeon who contributed to the development of the heart-lung machine. That has saved millions of people. Was God wrong to help heal these people? Your view now says yes. Your own birth had challenges. So all of the things they did to help you live was wrong? The brain is part of the body, able to need help like a kidney or lungs. It’s the 21st century. Start living like it. I can tell you this: you getting the mental help you need will make all the people you (wrongly) think hate you, happy because it means you might someday live a more normal life. It would give us hope that you might someday be happy.
    But it will not likely improve your writing. Stop calling the reviews “fake” or “false.” It is my honest opinion. I did not lie.

  7. Hey, CANDY GRANDPRE: Grow up a bit and follow your own advice. If you don’t like what people say about you, don’t look for the comments. You always whine “if you don’t like me, don’t watch my videos.” Guess what. You Googling me and looking for comments I make on pages, websites and accounts that you don’t control, YOU ARE THE STALKER. I watch your videos. I read your attempts at writing. Both are PUBLIC. I do not make videos about you. I cannot contact you directly. You have stated I need to be murdered and my full name, internet name, and city. That means I need to follow YOU because you made a direct threat. I’m not saying you would be able to come here and murder me, I’m saying someone as psychopathic as you might decide to follow YOUR suggestion. There are people who believe themselves to be TIs near me. Quid pro quo, Candy. How dare you try and tell me where I can visit and comment and who I can talk to. Project much? You do NOT say anything about me that is true, and you are psychopathic enough to believe your own delusions. I get paid to do anything to you? Prove it. Prove it about anyone! I’m a witch or Satanist? Prove it, about anyone! You can’t. All you can prove is people don’t like you, don’t believe your stories, and don’t like the lies you tell about them. That’s it. You can only prove you are mentally ill, and you do that very, very well.

    • 144K, Hello! Candy just can’t count past her nose. It’s not her money she is spending, it’s money people give her! She forgets she begs and has a permanent pity party. How is her living anywhere close to be independent? She even said in a video “I know other places would be cheaper, vut the gangstalkers would get me there, too.” So she expects to live in a town that has proven over the past three years has been too expensive for her income, keeps running away from jobs, and begs for money to…? Lie in bed and mat her hair flat? Take videos of people for no reason? Why does she need Florida if she just stays in a room with the blinds drawn all the time? If that is how she wants to live her life, okay, but find a place to do it that is $150/week in Butthole, Alabama. Same view, and within her income. Of course a Mom &Pop motel would want her to keep her room clean. From her videos, she doesn’t seem to think that is important.

    • Thanks. Yeah, she’s an entitled arrogant clown. The #1 reason why I wouldn’t spare a dime for Candy is the fact that she has a twin sister who has offered her a place to stay but she won’t take it because she doesn’t approve of her sister being a lesbian.


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