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Bryan Tew Pisses Himself

This is either funny or really sad, pick your choice. It only goes downhill from here.


  1. Wet Nayrb

    Well, I suppose Bryan Tew’s finally living up to the backwards spelling of his surname.

    Speaking of Bryan Tew and spelling, this woman is absolutely convinced that Bryan’s first name was spelled “B-R-I-A-N” up until the “Mandela Effect” changed it yesterday.

    Mandela Effect = a term that people who are wrong about something came up with to explain that they aren’t the ones who are wrong, it’s the universe that’s wrong.

    • Stefan Adams

      LOL. Double LOL.

      If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve seen these Mandela Effect people sincerely post other stuff I’d accuse this lady of playing a joke on Bryan. (Still, I have to wonder if this is a joke…)

      You know what’s even funnier? She links to the video of Bryan’s that I mirrored on my channel! It’s one of Bryan Tew’s rants from a few years ago that he deleted but I had previously saved.

      I think I’m gonna play a joke on this lady and change the name to “Brian Tew” to make her look dumb.

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