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Mandela Effect Claims “Brian Tew” As Next Victim

Thanks to Wet Nayrb for bringing this to my attention.

The Mandela Effect is a phenomena where people misremember past events. A significant number of people are convinced that Nelson Mandela died in prison and had no idea he was alive until very recently – he died for real in 2013.

When conspiracy people encounter this contradictory information, they do not conclude that they misremembered or misunderstood world events. They ascribe the contradiction to scientific witchery involving CERN time machines – they believe that CERN’s activities are causing past events to change. Seriously!

Various people have extended this theory to other events. One of my favorites: I saw someone claim that Oscar Mayer (you know, the hot dog and sliced ham company) was really spelled “Oscar Meyer” and that only recently has it changed – because of CERN’s time machine.

So apparently not only has it claimed Nelson Mandela and Oscar M(a)yer, it has also claimed Brian Tew (not Bryan Tew – that’s CERN’s witchcraft) according to this lady.


  1. Anonymous

    She thinks Tew is serious! Where is this girl’s head? And the Mandela Effect is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

    • RJ

      Awful. That poor girl, if you really look at her face – she is terrified and freaked out. I know, she is just stupid and gullible. But really, the only times I knew people like this, I was on acid and so we they. And it was temporary. We took acid to see reality as being some weird place. Then we got over that it was just a fun roller coaster of the mind and it wore off. These new YouTube fuckheads – just a scary bunch of low-IQ dumbasses all the way up to real schizos. And the schizo part, that is not an insult and it’s unfortunate, and treatable. But not by being addicted to YouTube TI people, or Mandela people, or whatever they are getting into.

  2. Anonymous

    I wonder if anyone is going to warn this law firm about their new client?

    They might at least be interested in his videos, or the fact that he has lawsuits filed against all of his previous attorneys. Back when I first caught up with Tew he was continually harassing some lawyers in Ohio. That was the bulk of his posts at the time. Just curious to know if anyone cares to give these guys a heads up about Bryan Keith Tew.

    • Stefan Adams

      Just my $.02 but I tend to think that they realize they’re dealing with someone who isn’t normal. A disheveled American begging for asylum isn’t normal. I know about his harassment of William Bingle of Ohio but I can’t see how he can really go after an Ecuadorian lawyer.. He has no clue about the legal system down there to try to sue his lawyer.

      • RJ

        Good point. And he certainly doesn’t know about things to not do in Latin America / South America. I took a trip to Central America some years ago. My Colombian friend who was helping me out with Spanish told me “First rule, politics is for the politicians. Don’t talk about politics.” If that is in fact an accurate warning, then Tew is just getting into trouble marching around with a sign that has El Presidente’s name on it, talking about torture and government harassment. He says in one of his rantings that the police are taking pictures of him while he is out with that sign. Which of all things I actually believe, and think it’s not a figment of his twisted imagination. Protesting in those countries is not like protesting here. People light themselves on fire or cut off their own dick – because they know any amount of protesting may very well end up with a similar or worse fate. Tew has made himself a regular fixture in the police station! That cannot be a good idea.

  3. RJ

    Now he got hit by a taxi, and had to deal with the police again! Seems to be leaving his hotel and possibly asked to leave the country.

    • Wet Nayrb

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian… sorry, Bryan intentionally walked in front of the taxi hoping that the driver would just pay him off so that the police wouldn’t be involved.

      • Stefan Adams

        He said in one of his previous YT rambles that he will no longer get out of the way of his supposed gangstalkers. He’s deliberately trying to start these altercations by getting in the way of people and yelling at them. I wouldn’t be surprised if he intentionally put himself into the path of that taxi.

  4. Stefan Adams

    Bryan (or is it Brian?) has just accused Meegs B of being a perp for the crime of believing the Mandela Effect is a real thing. Everyone but Bryan is a perp to Bryan.

    Today is 5/31/21, I don’t know if this is Bryan’s first time becoming aware of this video or if he randomly remembered her 4 years later and decided all of the sudden she was worthy of a video calling her out.

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