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Bryan Tew loses passport, makes a jackass of himself at the police station

EDIT 2: This is an old exchange between Bryan Tew and Belgian police officers, not in Ecuador where he currently is. This appears to be a completely accidental upload by Bryan.

It’s really hard to put it all into words the amount of hilarity and cringeyness going on here.
It seems Bryan lost his passport and has to get a police report from the local police before the US Embassy will process his request for a replacement.
The police officer is requesting some basic information from Bryan (i.e. Name, DOB, etc.) and Bryan is absolutely unable to accept the fact that the officer will take down his information rather than Bryan filling out a form himself. 

Anyway, just listen to it. LOL!

(EDIT: Bryan Tew deleted this soon after posting. Another copy has been uploaded to YouTube by someone, so worry not!)


  1. RJ

    That is absolutely hilarious. And, cool that someone else caught it and reposted. This sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger yelling at Tew. He is getting a verbal beatdown, and he is getting himself in a ton of trouble. This crazy ass is going to learn a ton about false detention – and he is going to disappear one day, approximately.

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