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Bryan Tew predictably denied asylum in Ecuador, lawyers up

So Bryan had applied for asylum some weeks back and today was denied. I think it’s obvious why – an absurd story about mind controlling supercomputers from an American who is comparatively wealthy. He needs a trip to the psych ward and pyschotropic medication, not asylum. 

In the weeks prior to today’s meeting, Bryan said “fuck it” (more or less) and made several failed attempts to book tickets out to China. He wasn’t successful – technical errors kept him from booking the ticket (which are the CIA’s fault, obviously). Lacking any creativity (you know, like trying another website or asking a friend to book it as a last resort) he was forced to stay put and go through his asylum interview.

He moaned about not being provided an English-speaking translator (though he claimed someone was there who could, but it’s not clear why he wasn’t able to help him) and said “THIS IS ILLEGAL!”. Now he’s seeking legal counsel so he can take the Ecuadoraean government to court.

This is all despite him having previously said the government is corrupt and part of the mind control. So I’m not sure what the point is on even pursuing the asylum request, let alone trying to use the legal system to force their hand.


  1. RJ

    LOL. This guy is just begging to get thrown in a ward. Fucking maniac. He will be best off not getting thrown into some jail in Ecuador. You can’t blame him though, but there must be at least one person who knows him and may be responsible for not contacting authorities and putting his dangerous ass on psych lockdown.

  2. Gretchen Moshme

    I have waited for this day. He keeps saying he has evidence, but is not covered by any of the International laws that define a refugee or asylum seeker. Without more evidence than videos of him writhing in pain in bed, saying the same thing he says in ALL his videos of him writhing in pain in bed, he’s never going to get anywhere. He could stop videoing himself and just keep reposting any of the torture videos he’s made except for his goofy sign-off with date and military time.
    He is woefully inept with everything he does. Complains of the high cost of replacing ear buds, yet continues to buy the most expensive one he can find. A saner person would just get a handful of $2 buds, and throw them away when they get messed up.
    He is increasingly become more bizarre and confrontational. He’s bound to get in trouble.
    I wonder how long it will take him to figure out that hiring a lawyer will require him to remain in Ecuador and cost $$$ that he needs to get a ticket out. Why throw money after something you have convinced yourself is never going to happen anyway? He’s nuts.

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