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Bryan Tew checks into hospital, blames the CIA when EKG shows nothing wrong

He just checked into the Hospital Eugenio Espejo in Quito. I can’t really interpret all the other stuff but it says his heart is beating 78 bpm which is quite fine, especially for someone who is as anxious and filled with white hot rage as Bryan is. Tachycardia is defined as >100 bpm.

He is a frequent visitor to hospitals. I will admit I am a bit confused by conflicting diagnoses. One doctor on a previous visit to Ecuador diagnosed him with a life-threatening arrhythmia and gave him some medication with nasty side effects (which there was evidence of he posted).

Looking over some older posts (2016) I remember a trip to the ER in Bangkok, Thailand where allegedly the doctors diagnosed him with a life-threatening heart condition (no details or documentation provided) and suspected “organ damage”. I suspect Bryan may have exaggerated or misheard the doctors. I believe was the time Bryan ripped his IV lines out and tried to leave the hospital when they tried to give him actual treatment – steroid injections – out of fear that somehow this was going to harm him.

There was a time when Bryan passed through Chicago, I don’t recall the date exactly, it was late 2016 or early 2017 I think, and he had another medical episode that landed him in the hospital. That time he also received a similar diagnosis of “nothing wrong” and was discharged. 


  1. Stefan Adams

    Soon after I made this blog post Bryan Tew deleted the EKG from his photo album. Good thing I re-uploaded it here!

    FYI, if the image looks too small to read, you can right-click on it and click the option to open in a new window/tab or to copy the link and you can manually open it full-size in a new window/tab.

    I’ll try to see if I can find a WordPress plugin that allows images to be magnified to full size when you click on it, like the old Blogspot blog was able to do.

    • Anonymous

      There is a concise YouTube video about this. “Internet Insanity: Gang Stalking”. Poster is Mister Metokur. No new info, but it has all recent info and has a good amount of views and comments.

  2. Gretchen Moshme

    I think every doctor he has visited has said he is fine, but was concerned with his anxiety level. Anxiety alone can cause all kind of physical manifestations, that won’t show up on tests because they are not actually “real.” He thinks he’s being killed, and every little thing is blown up out of proportion. Somatization syndrome. When you are convinced that your heart is vibrating (not possible if you are conscious, BTW) and diagnostic machines are showing it is not, you have a medical problem, but the kind taken care of by psychiatrists, not cardiologists. In his earlier videos showing his BP wrist monitor, the blinking heart he said was proof his heart is vibrating is merely showing that the thing is picking up a heart signal. If you don’t see that heart moving, you adjust where you put it on. That is all it is for. And his BP back then was usually very good, considering his age and weight.
    And when you see the rude smelly American multiple times for the same thing and never have physical findings, you probably tend to treat him poorly. He’s a pain in the ass, and they have real sick people to deal with.

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