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Bryan Tew OPSEC fail

Bryan is in the process of attempting to flee Ecuador despite having just applied for asylum a few days ago. His decision was to be announced at the end of the month. It’s almost like he doesn’t actually want asylum – not that I think it would be granted regardless. 

So here he is somewhere that looks like the lobby of a hotel using a computer trying to purchase tickets. He’s complaining that the CIA has yet again blocked his ticket out. In the process he has revealed his debit card # to the whole world.

For this reason I am not going to link directly to the video – I’m not going to encourage people to fraudulently use his debit card. I have marked out the important details but trust me it’s all there to see in the video and it probably wont be long before someone criminally inclined runs across the video and goes to town on his bank account.


  1. RJ

    I like how it says “this is a securely encrypted payment”. Ummm, not if the person making it is recording it then posting the screen to YouTube. I wonder if his address is still that San Diego homeless shelter.

  2. Wet Nayrb

    Is Bryan still entertaining the thought of “defecting” to North Korea? I know he’s muttering about going to China via Europe, again, but I can’t imagine he’d have an all that much better experience in North Korea than Otto Warmbier.

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