Bryan Tew Watch returns as TI Watch!

So as you all have seen we were shut down by Google under the false claim that we were harassing Bryan Tew.

A few weeks have gone by and I have returned with (1) New hosting, (2) A permanent domain name, and (3) A change in name and focus.

(1) and (2) mean I have more control and insurance against this happening again. This new arrangement does not guarantee being booted again. It just means I won’t lose my content and can easily move the blog elsewhere quickly.

(3) is a personal decision after some reflection. There are a lot of crazy people and conspiracies to document. Bryan is just one of many. This is subject to change.

Here are some of the boring details of what allowed this to  happen:

I know who reported me – it wasn’t Bryan. It’s the crazy guy who thinks Harris Corporation is putting voices into his head.

Social media companies are experiencing a wave of activist campaigns to crack down on supposed harassment and trolling.

While there have been actual examples of harassment and abuse, this movement is largely about censoring opposition to the social justice

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