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Bryan Tew’s casual racism towards black people

OK so not everyone might share my take on this. If you don’t that’s fine, I just call it as I see it.

Bryan referred to a person he had yet another physical confrontation with as a “ghetto street black“. This is the first time that I seen him call out someone’s race, let alone do so with a negative connotation. According to Bryan’s Facebook profile he grew up in Georgia (state, not country) so it’s not particularly surprising that he harbors negative views of African-Americans.


  1. Stars15k

    Including the racism, this is the second admittance that he has laid hands on someone first. That makes him the assaulter, not the victim. He’s building a nice case against himself, should he ever go to actual trial.

    He also is posting his fitbit stats on twitter. I hope the people investigating him sees he is not only able to sleep on the ground, he is also able to walk for miles every day. Not looking too physically disabled. Despite all his whining.

    And…he is sleeping on the street, yet is ordering gear from Amazon…and in the past he chooses expensive stuff. So his priorities suck.

    And…sleeping on the front porch of a historical building? He’s bound to get thrown off and/or charged with trespassing. It will be interesting to see how long that lasts.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah I noticed that he slept in front of a “haunted house” – he has a bizarre preoccupation with haunted houses. Maybe tomorrow he’ll sleep behind a gay bar/bathhouse.

      I guess I don’t understand how courts work but I was expecting that he would have been charged with “Failure to Appear” by now. I’ve been checking the website for warrants frequently and nothing. I really wanted to call them up and tip them off on his location so they would drag him in.

      • RJ

        Yeah, he posted a video where he mentioned his (already passed) court date and how he acknowledged that he didn’t go because he was afraid they would lock him up.

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