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Bryan Tew’s big day: asylum interview in Quito

Bryan Tew has been in Quito for some number of months – I’ve lost track. For reasons unknown, Latin America is always the most problematic for him but yet it is these LatAm countries that he chooses to spend the most time in. 

A few months back Bryan presented himself at an Ecuadorean military base to spill the beans on CIA DIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL(TM). They pretended to be interested and invited him to apply for asylum with the promise that the local cops would personally escort him back and forth between his hostel and the immigration office. Of course the cops never came back to escort him. He waited weeks before admitting that they were never coming back.

Flash forward a few months later. He was near to leaving Ecuador back to Hong Kong but at the last minute decided to take himself down to the immigration center to apply for asylum himself, forfeiting his $900 plane ticket in the process. 

Bryan has repeatedly said that it is basically impossible for an American to receive asylum as the USA is not considered a country that people have a legitimate reason to flee. Yet he applied anyway.

As part of the asylum process, Bryan spent $300 to have a local vendor download a selection of his YouTube torture videos (and possibly other related non-sense from other conspiritards) to a DVD. This was to be presented as “evidence” for his asylum application. Unfortunately the vendor screwed something up, supposedly. 

Flash forward to today – he has to present himself at the immigration office for his interview. The interview, the credibility of his evidence, and whatever he said on his application form will be evaluated, laughed at, and ultimately result in a denial of his asylum application.

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  1. Wet Nayrb

    I don’t think there’s any deeper reason that Bryan keeps on returning to Latin America despite his misfortunes there beyond the fact that his money goes a lot further in Latin America than it does in Europe.

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