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Stephen Searl Price Jr. sees aliens in his dirty mirror

Those aliens he sees in his mirror would disappear after a liberal spray of Windex and use of a towel.


  1. Anonymous

    That guy is whacked. His videos are getting more unhinged by the day. One is supposed to be showing evidence of “they” messing up his car, and turns quickly into him ramting about not being able to find his flashlight. And the whole 5+ minute video was made with his keys in the ignition and his door open. That beeping tone is enough to drive anyone crazy.

    In Tew news, his latest Facebook update is about another physical confrontation in an internet cafe. He said he “knocked the guy backwards” because the guy was a stalker trying to “capture his attention”. Back in his motel room the incident replayed hundreds of times in his mind, of course that caused him to burn with an uncontrollable all-caps white hot rage.

    He has a YouTube video now of him with a new cardboard sign on the streets bickering with people. Carrying around a sign with the president’s name talking about torture and harassment is a bad idea. Nobody knows what he is talking about and he looks like a political protester. And in those countries political protesters are dealt with pretty harshly. It’s not like the US. He is going to get himself lynched and killed or arrested. And all of the screwing around with obtaining refugee status. He is messing around with some serious stuff.

    Oh, he got a new $900 phone, and more gadgets. He is going to get robbed too!

    • Stefan Adams

      Yep. I know he has a few run-ins with the police down there but they don’t seem to want to arrest him.

      It’s only a matter of time before he gets hurt again.

      $900 phone, $100 Fitbit, a wasted ticket to China he didn’t use (unless he was able to get a refund), and $300 on a DVD containing his silly torture videos that he’s going to give as evidence for his asylum claim.

  2. Snake666

    Stephen Searl Price Jr. attacked me with very nasty comments. This creepy guy made me afraid so I told him to leave me alone but he started to call me some agent of a secret society. He has a problem with government authorities. Maybe there is a reason and Stephen Searl Price Jr. should get reported so they can observe him. Police should check this guy. Maybe he has some nasty secrets that nobody knows. We need to find out!

    • Stefan Adams

      Well hopefully you didn’t use your real name in your correspondence. I’ve found that the police don’t really care about these types of people unless they’re threatening you and even then they don’t care that much.

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