Bryan Tew flagged as child sex tourist by French police

So I am inferring from this post that the “government perpetrator” was a police investigator. 

For the record, I’m not accusing Bryan Tew of any crimes, at least I don’t see enough evidence to do so at this time. I’m willing to believe that Bryan is just a crazy guy who thinks everyone is stalking him and he wants all those cameras to record his interactions with those supposed stalkers. 

This presumably happened because he reported all of his expensive A/V gear as stolen and his age, nationality, and travel destinations also match those of many previous child sex tourists. 

2 thoughts on “Bryan Tew flagged as child sex tourist by French police”

  1. I saw that post. That is a crazy turn of events! Instead of thinkIng he is insane, they think he is a pedophile. What next out of this guy? And now if they find his cameras and devices they are going to look through all of his madman videos. He finally went screwing around with police in the wrong country. I am looking forward to this sex offender adventure. And he also has a video of a man masturbating! Lol. I hope the authorities get a hold of Tew’s videos!

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