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Bryan Tew awkwardly points camera at churchgoers during service

He thinks the people in church with him are gangstalkers, presumably the ones leering at him wondering why he’s pointing cameras at them in the middle of a service.

When your paranoia gets so bad that everyone around you can see it and their reaction to your paranoia only serves as proof that they’re out to get you!


  1. Star L Bricker

    I’m confused by his comment about being assaulted. Is he really that out of touch with social interaction? She is just standing there. If anyone was responsible for any touch, it’s the person actually moving…him.

    • RJ

      The guy is out of touch with social interaction to the point where he has a Facebook account dedicated to posting every time he gets tired. If you filter out all of the CIA and delusional bullshit his timeline is nothing except when he gets tired, when he can’t sleep, and when he gets a headache from listening to his earphones, and when his iPhone gives him that random “undo typing / cancel” message.

    • Stefan Adams

      I wonder if he actually believes he can win a fight with anyone in his current condition. Fat and sleep-deprived guy vs any regular person.

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