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TI leaves fentanyl-laced flyers on police cars

An unknown TI in the Houston area has blanketed police cars with some nutjob flyers about TI conspiracies. Flyers that are contaminated with a very potent opioid.

I’m not surprised to hear about yet another drug-using TI. Our favorite TI (Bryan) was a heavy user of Xanax and Oxycontin before returning to the US where doctors cut him off from easy access to those drugs.

The question I have is – do TIs lead themselves to drug abuse to get relief from their delusions or does their drug use cause them to have these delusions to begin with?


  1. Wet Nayrb

    While it’s plausible that many T.I.s are also heavy narcotics users (and some even upload videos of themselves admitting to using narcotics or even show themselves using hard drugs), in this case it appears to have been a “false positive” from a field test, the more reliable lab tests on the same flyers tested negative for fentanyl.

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