What Is Gangstalking? What are TIs?

Many of you may already be familiar with this video but I thought this was such a good introduction to the topic that it deserved to be prominetely displayed on the site for new comers.


4 thoughts on “What Is Gangstalking? What are TIs?”

  1. Yes, TI’s like the “ufo-ologists” are completely full of batshit but the D.O.D. admitted in 1997 to creating-in large part- the UFO disinformation subculture to cover their recon flights and experimental aircraft.

    The deliberately stupid “TI”s are the same thing for covering JTTF and organized crime disruption operations. Derrick Robinson, John Hall , Dr. Weisenberg, Dr. Robert Patrick Duncan, except the ones caught in a drug crime and forced into a provocation role, all believe they are doing their patriotic duty.

    Much of the details of these operations have already been covered by the ACLU, the British press and many court cases going through the district courts. Either you are a civilian who has no absolutely clue what’s going on in federal law enforcement..or you’re a not-so-clever disinformation troll.


    1. You’re throwing accusations at me about a subject that I’ve never covered in this blog. Get out of here with your bullshit.

  2. I’m going to go with not-so-clever since you’re targeting one guy for a hate campaign. If you were serious, then you’d target the entire subculture and ,if this guy is a worthwhile subject, why doesn’t he know anything about the legal system in the US? I’m just sayin…

    1. I’ve attempted to cover multiple individuals on this blog but quite frankly Bryan Tew is what brings in the most hits and comments. Shrugs. You can see that for yourself in my posting history.

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