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What Is Gangstalking? What are TIs?

Many of you may already be familiar with this video but I thought this was such a good introduction to the topic that it deserved to be prominently displayed on the site for new comers.


NOTE: The original video linked here has disappeared for whatever reason. I’m substituting this video from Mister Metokur; it covers some of the topics that the other video touches on.


  1. Sam Spade

    Yes, TI’s like the “ufo-ologists” are completely full of batshit but the D.O.D. admitted in 1997 to creating-in large part- the UFO disinformation subculture to cover their recon flights and experimental aircraft.

    The deliberately stupid “TI”s are the same thing for covering JTTF and organized crime disruption operations. Derrick Robinson, John Hall , Dr. Weisenberg, Dr. Robert Patrick Duncan, except the ones caught in a drug crime and forced into a provocation role, all believe they are doing their patriotic duty.

    Much of the details of these operations have already been covered by the ACLU, the British press and many court cases going through the district courts. Either you are a civilian who has no absolutely clue what’s going on in federal law enforcement..or you’re a not-so-clever disinformation troll.


    • Stefan Adams

      You’re throwing accusations at me about a subject that I’ve never covered in this blog. Get out of here with your bullshit.

  2. Sam Spade

    I’m going to go with not-so-clever since you’re targeting one guy for a hate campaign. If you were serious, then you’d target the entire subculture and ,if this guy is a worthwhile subject, why doesn’t he know anything about the legal system in the US? I’m just sayin…

    • Stefan Adams

      I’ve attempted to cover multiple individuals on this blog but quite frankly Bryan Tew is what brings in the most hits and comments. Shrugs. You can see that for yourself in my posting history.

  3. Lynn

    You wouldn’t waste your time putting together a video like this unless you are a perpetrator of this sadistic, horrific human rights crime that you are trying to convince people doesn’t exist. Go to to really understand — full of doctors’ insights and the highly educated and life-experienced humanitarians who want the crime cartel to stop. By the way, moron, you mis-spelled shielding.

    • Stefan Adams


      I am not the creator of the video. I just liked the video enough to prominently feature it on this blog. Also, I did not mention shielding in this blog post or comments so I have no clue what you are referring to.

      The evidence of “mind control” or “targeting” is severely lacking. When taken all together, all of the claims look like schizophrenia and mass delusions. Mind/body control delusions have been documented long prior to the advent of modern technology. People have heard voices in their head since forever – you can find ancient accounts of people who claimed to hear God speak to them.

      As for the website you linked, I don’t see a lot of compelling evidence on it. You should realize that Robert Duncan is probably lying about his credentials (in my opinion). Duncan does not have a PhD dissertation on file with the universities he claims to have received doctorates from (checked online) and has never provided evidence that he has obtained the degrees he is claimed to have received.

  4. Sam Spade


    First of all, I would like to emphasize that I do not support the “Electronic Harassment Community” or the targeted individuals in any way. However, there is a more conventional truth that you are missing in your responses to Lynn. I fear that Lynn has missed it even more than you.

    Robert P. Duncan, is a self appointed expert in the “Electronic harassment community” and has a computer science degree from Dartmouth and a masters degree over at Harvard- but he’s as big a bullshit conspiracy author -as you are uninformed about this issue. If you check there you will find it.

    He’s frequently cited by Dr. John Hall and Dr. Leibowitz and other credentialed “TI’s” as “proof” of satellite weapon targeting. In fact, it’s a huge canard to make sure police harassment & federal disruption victims get discredited-thereby shielding the local police from law suits-for basically doing their job. I know this because I’ve prepared such a law suit.

    However, they don’t always succeed. Some people fight back.

    In fact, more and more of us are successfully using lawyers and suing cops and confidential informants who engage in Federal disruption and watch list harassment.

    I don’t support the “TI community” and people who identify as TI’s because they have fallen into a honeypot cover for law enforcement disruption and watch-listing in the United States. They end up getting mixed up by the tinfoil hats, repeat these TI stories from the internet to a doctor and it’s straight to the psych ward for them-which is the point.

    By the way, yes there are a few non-lethal weapons that are used on people illegally such as mace, LRAD’s and certain restricted pesticides . It’s not hard to get a drug addict or a CI(as if there were a difference?) to do this for you.

    The ACLU and have lots of information on this. Why don’t you try getting some actual facts before you comment?


    • Stefan Adams


      Why are you moving the goalposts on Duncan? The issue was always the reference to Duncan as a “Dr.”, degrees of which do not exist as far as I can tell. Maybe he really does have a Masters (which is generally a pre-req to get a PhD), but that was never something I tried to dispute. Calling him “Dr” makes him sound credible which he doesn’t deserve as far as I can tell. That’s all I ever said about him. So get off my dick.

      I am glad you agree with me that TIs are full of shit. That’s the whole fucking point of this blog. This blog was never about questionable investigative tactics, overpolicing, police brutality, 4A violations, or anything else like that.

      On other websites I champion the 4A, reforms to SOP of policing tactics (because I’m fucking tired of hearing about people getting shot by cops for no reason), surveillance reforms (in light of Snowden’s revelations), and restraining the use of things like “Stingrays”, automated license plate data collection, facial recognition technology, and many other civil liberties issues.

      But on this blog we talk about TIs, the lunatics who are part of that community, and the ridiculous things they claim are happening. NOTHING ELSE.

      Yes, crowd-dispersion sound weapons exist. Pepper spray exists. So the fuck what? It doesn’t justify TI claims and you obviously know that. So why the fuck are you bothering me about it? It seems like you just want to argue for the sake of argument, not because you actually have a valid counterpoint to anything I’ve said.

  5. Sam Spade

    Gosh Stefan, you seem upset. I hope you’re not “very offended” that ,in my mind, a blog entirely devoted to making one possibly mentally ill person -look stupid-is not really funny and of questionable ethics.

    It sort of reminds me of the series “Bumfights”. Anyway, I don’t want to engage in specious arguments about the intent of your website. I’m painting a much bigger picture here.

    You could make yourself useful ,and certainly more interesting, if you concentrated your efforts on exposing Dr. Robert Patrick Duncan, Dr. John Hall, Dr. Lebowitz and Dr. Katherine Horton ,Dr. Matthew Aaron and all the people who lend their credentials to manufacturing disinformation on the internet and mass media for law enforcement and other agencies.

    Even if you don’t recognize the power of disinformation and “fake news”– if you just bad mouth these leaders of the so-called “electronic harassment community” then you’ll be doing the American people a real service. It would certainly be more interesting than what you’re doing now. It would also take some guts.

    About the ridiculous claims, not every claim is stupid-even though the stupid claims are the only ones promoted by websites such as FFCHS , PACT, IAACT and the disinformation doctors. At their base the claims are, #1.) random people are provoking them and #2.) they get attacked by non-lethal weapons in apartment settings.

    Now why would this be so outside the realm of possibility? There are literally millions of police and federal CI’s in the United States and their other name is “Provocateur” or as they call it in the Bureau a “Provocation Agent”. Why is it such a stretch of the imagination that provocation agents aren’t being used like they were in the Hoover era? The answer to that question is in the Intercept article I posted before and -of course they are-and not just on terror suspects.

    21st century policing has eclipsed what was possible under Hoover and COINTELPRO is back. Why wouldn’t it be? We’re in the Global War on Terror aren’t we? How do you think such wars are fought if you can’t open torture centers and build gulags? Exactly how the FBI did it in the late 50’s and early 60’s by surveillance, harassment and disruption and false imprisonment. False imprisonment in America includes psychiatric wards:

    To be fair, she was just a political target for tarnishing the reputation of the police chief and local billionaire. However, psychiatric holds are frequently used on political problems all over his country. I’ve been such a target too in the past-so I know firsthand about the unholy alliance between cops, politicians and big money. I know all about it.

    As for nonlethal weapons, you don’t need anything exotic. The victim has to be isolatable in an apartment. They just take a can of old style pesticide and contaminate the apartment from below or along the floorboards, sporadically use an audio spotlight. That guy won’t get any sleep for days, are incoherent after 48 hours of it- and if they go to an emergency room—boom straight to the psych ward.

    Often the local cops are there in the emergency room to make sure you go straight to the nuthouse instead of getting treatment.

    If you’re really tough or flee to hotels then send a provocation agent/CI to start a fight and you’ve got the guy off the street. Spray a little mace under the motel door too. Simple.

    This is what the TI community is talking about-however incoherently. I really hope you’ll have a change of heart somewhere down the line instead of engaging in a bunch of specious arguments about what your website is for.

    You could do a lot of good if you approached the issue with an open mind, facts and logic. A lot of people are getting their lives destroyed and sometimes killed-and this website is just contributing to the problem of systematic police misconduct.


  6. JohnAllman.UK

    The video link appears to be broken.

    What is the importance of Brian Tew, as far as you are concerned? You have gone to quite a lot of trouble to stalk his online activities and to mock them and him.

    • Stefan Adams

      Stalking implies that I am intruding into his private affairs. Everything I document here or comment on are things he chose to make public on his YouTube channel or public Facebook posts. It is fair game.

      • John Allman

        By referring to what you do as “stalking”, I didn’t intend to insinuate any intrusion into Bryan Tew’s private affairs on your part. Only that you were *following* his online activities, in order (apparently) to take opportunities to mock them and him. Complaining about my choice of verb for what you do, doesn’t get me any closer to understanding why you do it. Why do you?

        • Stefan Adams

          You used that word to characterize what I am doing with this website. It has a specific meaning, one that does not fit my activities. Is it stalking when the news reports on the public activities of a celebrity, politician, and etc? Of course not. Neither is what I am doing. So yeah I’m going to defend myself when you make such an characterization.

          Why do I document TIs and Bryan especially? It’s just a hobby. Psychology and mental illness fascinate me. So from that standpoint it’s just curiosity and entertainment by documenting and commenting on a specific phenomena.

          I am also alarmed by some of the behaviors I see and the lack of action taken by the authorities. Bryan has made numerous threats of death and/or violence that have been ignored by the authorities. So part of what I do is activism; if I see a TI make a statement that might be construed as a threat, I’m going to report it. So that part of it is activism. Some TIs have killed and/or hurt others because of their untreated mental illnesses.

          Am I mean to him? Maybe. Do I really care if I am? No. He (and others) makes bad choice throughout their lives, choices that they have complete control over and should be smart enough to know about.

          I point out that it is his own behaviors that cause him misfortune. You know, like going up to random strangers, pointing cameras at them, and calling them stalkers. Then whining about how you got beaten up because the very harassment you instigated. Or complaining about health ailments caused/contributed by one’s own behavior (i.e. heart issues and high blood pressure from overeating junk food and being sedentary) rather than a obscure CIA conspiracy.

          • John Allman

            I used the word “stalk” about what you were doing to Bryan, meaning (I have learnt) in the sense 3 in Macmillan’s dictionary, “to follow and watch someone all the time in a threatening way, because of an extremely strong interest in them”.

            I have not been interested in Bryan Tew myself before this week. (I received an email from a lawyer that referred to him yesterday, so I researched who this stranger was, and discovered your blog, which used to be more-or-less dedicated to the guy.)

            I don’t yet even know in what way Bryan Tew claims to be “targeted”. What I do know is that this blog is quite unusual. You seem to have committed category errors and logical fallacies. You have latched onto one individual, Bryan Tew, as a single specimen of a conflation of genres that don’t go together to my way of thinking (even mentioning the flat-earth cosmological model in the same sentence as gangstalking!), in the hope that by ridiculing this one allegedly targeted individual, you can dispense with the need address the fact that individuals are, and always have been, targeted, in all sorts of different ways, for all sorts of different reasons, and that the ways in which individuals can be targeted have proliferated in the modern age.

          • Stefan Adams

            You don’t really seem to grasp what TIs are and in your confusion are accusing me of making errors in discussing a topic that you admit you are unfamiliar with. Whatever.

            Bryan Tew is an individual diagnosed with a mental illness (schizoaffective disorder; he has provided doctor’s notes to that effect – it’s not a diagnosis I made over the internet to slander him) that makes him believe he is being mind controlled, followed around, and given induced diseases by way of sophisticated technology that the CIA operates. Bryan (and many like him) believes the CIA has specifically picked him and numerous others for this program. That is the most basic way to describe a TI.

            Now if I am getting the wrong impression of you, please feel free to correct me and provide a clarification, but you seem to be conflating criticism of people who use the term “TIs” (a label they chose for themselves) with people who might be legitimately targeted by abusive governments, police forces, intelligence operations, corporations, and etc. The former is completely delusional and has zero basis in reality (mind control laser beams and etc.), the latter is real. But the latter is a matter of politics and society – something that this blog doesn’t really focus on.

            I’m not sure why you took offense to a single post I made in which I compared TIs to flat earthers; the fact is that the conspiracy theory community encompasses people of different (and often disagreeing) beliefs but the fact remains that all of these people believe in some sort of evidence-free conspiracy (or things that might have actual evidence but the evidence is misconstrued, misinterpreted, and etc.), be it a flat earth, chemtrails, or a peculiar CIA program to insert thoughts into their head. Even though people in this “community” may not even get along with each other, it’s still fair to make the comparison for the reason stated.

            I am disappointed that the video I linked is no longer there (it must have happened in the last few months as I do remember re-watching it sometime late last year, I think). It was a great video!

            Please accept this video as a substitute: I recommend forwarding to about 45 seconds in to skip the dramatic intro.

          • Stefan Adams

            Yeah, I am aware of the fact that Bryan Tew is seeking out new legal representation. He’s looking for a human rights lawyer in China of all places. He thinks (or is at least implying) that his current Ecuadorian lawyer is part of the CIA conspiracy against him. He is trying to leave Ecuador for China, or at least claims to be.

            He’s told the entire world on his two Facebook pages and YouTube channel:


            Look, this shit is entertaining to me. I can’t help the dude. I want him to get help, but the only thing that is going to help him is psychiatric intervention. Not a lawyer. His human rights are not being violated. He’s a victim of his own delusions and bad decision making.

            I first encountered Bryan maybe 4 or 5 years ago on Facebook. He was in a group that I was a member of. He posted some TI psycho babble. I told him it wasn’t real and to get help. He just accused me of being a “government perp” and blocked me. That’s his response to anyone who tries to bring sanity to him.

            I’ve tried to get police departments all over the world to do something about him. He isn’t important enough for them. His death threats aren’t considered specific enough to act on, even though people like him who call themselves TIs have in fact killed people. He’s a ticking time bomb.

            So yeah, excuse me for being fascinated with this train wreck of a human being.

    • Stefan Adams

      The original author took it down or his account got taken down. I’ll find a replacement for it when I have a chance.

  7. Ima Nonomus Tew

    While I don’t run or write for this blog, I read it and comment. Posting things by and about TI’s is hardly stalking. It’s what they want and why TI’s post on social media to the extent they do. It’s also a sign of their mental illness, being the 21st century version of hypergraphia. Nothing Bryan says, does, or thinks makes sense, even all his health problems,which no real doctor has been able to find. I have yet to see a TI who sounds even remotely credible about their claims. To treat them other than as curiosities, mentally ill, and potentially dangerous is feeding their delusions.

    • John Allman

      Okay, let’s agree NOT to use the word “stalk” to refer to Stefan’s pursuit of Bryan, as a hobby, with all the implied ethical baggage that may or may not go with that. Let’s also agree, for the sake of argument, that Bryan quite likely isn’t in a good place mentally, and that what he says doesn’t often (or ever?) make sense, at least to you. It might not make sense to me either, if I was also a student of Bryan’s web presence like Stefan, as opposed to a complete stranger who received an email from Bryan’s lawyer yesterday or the day before. So far so good?

      I am still dealing, when trying to make sense of this blog, with an ill-conceived assault upon certain ideas, effected by selecting allegedly poor advocates for those ideas, and asserting that all advocates for those ideas are equally poor, and therefore that the ideas themselves must therefore be delusional.

      That whole approach is flawed. It plays right into the hands of controlled opposition, for a start. All the bad guys have to do, is to fund and promote a few professional wreckers deliberately to spout claptrap, and those of that mindset will be reassured.

  8. Rutger (Netherlands)

    I enjoyed much the movie from the gangstalking disinformation. I think you could truly say that they are spreading disinformation on the internet. I once believed I was a Targeted Individual, but because of the large amount of censored information, I can’t believe I am. I think that you seriously should pay more attention to the censoring purposes of Youtube and Google, to come to an objective conclusion. All with all, I love Bryan Tew, and I love the fact that this website is been made. You don’t lack a bit of humor, but sorry, this ain’t scientific evidence nor objective information. Sorry, we are entering Google Wonderland.

  9. Rutger

    You can’t make an objective point of view, when Google is not sharing all of his database, the same a youtube. You can be sure that Google and Youtube are censoring a lot of information, and is hyping conspiracy – because we as main stream folks is easily to laugh at. You know what I mean. This movie about gangstalking is what you can expect, when their on the one hand – HYPING – the phenomenon Gang Stalking – something everyone knows is completely full of Batshit, and on the other hand they are – HYPING – the DSM-V. Like delusions and Schizotype Disorder. What I mean: they are place two groups against each other, knowing that the Youtube and Google are censoring the real truth about conspiracy – and for my aim – TECHNOLOGIC DEVELOPMENT. So brain chips are nothing to laugh at, about 20 years everyone has one.. Cheers.. (P.S: don’t blame my English, my mother-language is Netherlands)

  10. Rutger

    @ Stefan Adams: I’m really curious about this ‘hate campaign’ against conspiracy, and that ain’t to bash you.. You can’t deny that the world and the internet IS a conspiracy, when censoring information is their MAIN GOAL. You don’t deny that, do you??

    • Stefan Adams

      Call it whatever you want. I don’t subscribe to this nonsense about gangstalking and targeted individuals. It is a phenomena where mentally ill individuals seek out information and help but instead find a community of other mentally ill people who have invented this theory that the government and advanced technology are being used to mind control them. This community tells them not to go to doctors for help and the result is tragic – people living their lives with mental illness and in some cases self destructive behaviors such as shootings and suicides.

      I aim to deconstruct that nonsense and promote rationality.

      • Pura

        I had to stop following the community because a lot of them actually do believe in what’s going through their minds. It’s all designed to confuse the target and make them crazy. I didn’t want to follow suit. I have too much to lose. But shoot ! I today almost called suicide hotline. It’s some messed up stuff and you have to continually try to differentiate truth from fiction.

  11. Rutger

    I also think that people shouldn’t follow insanity.. But I have to say, Sigmund Freud, also wasn’t so healthy thinking, which brought CRACK and the fundamentals os the DSM-V.. This line between sanity and insanity is a thin line..

  12. Pura

    This whole phenomenon is designed to make these people confused and look like crazy people when trying to get help. It’s the same tactics kidnappers use to dominate their victims. It has been proof of similar “projects” with secret intelligence in the past. They say it’s no more, but they can get rid of documents, rename the same project and proceed before it gets leaked again. Please do actual research before calling people liars. It might not all be true what they are saying but something sinister is happening.

    • Stefan Adams

      Look, I understand very well that the CIA funded and sponsored some unethical experiments. But that doesn’t mean that everyone experiencing symptoms of a psychological disorder are actually victims of some new experiment. It’s quite possible and likely that they are genuinely mentally ill.

      • Pura

        Only they can tell, and the similarities of the experiences is mind blowing. I have never met these people all over the world and if it is the same, it’s the same. I can tell when someone is on the bandwagon effect. I took psychology and sociology in HS. I really want to help these people.

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