Bryan Tew Still Thinks I’m a Supercomputer

It seems like Bryan does one of these videos every year or so now.

Bryan searches for his own name, finds mostly videos from my channel, gets upset, claims I’m “drowning out the truth” and posting this stuff to make him look crazy. Then he says I’m am “AI supercomputer” controlled by the “CIA contractors”.

Bryan, I make these videos because you ALREADY ARE crazy. My videos just highlight the craziness and add some comedy relief.

I mean if you’re doing livestreams where you’re playing with your penis or flopping around on the floor in third world countries, are people supposed to think you’re mentally sound?

Bryan’s ego is so big that the only people who could possibly find any fault in what he does are secret government agents with billions of dollars worth of budget and hundreds of employees (or contractors) on their payroll dedicated *just to making fun of him*.

14 thoughts on “Bryan Tew Still Thinks I’m a Supercomputer”

  1. Candy re-tweets a blatantly antisemitic meme (attached). Now to be fair, Candy is pretty dull-witted so she might not even understand that this is antisemitic.

  2. A bus driver who already knows about Candy’s spraying what to her is an unknown substance won’t let Candy on board unless she agrees not to spray.

    This is just going to keep on happening until Candy switches to using Lysol wipes which are a lot more effective at killing bacteria on surfaces than spraying rubbing alcohol anyway.

    • If someone around me started to spray something around like Candy does, I would be bold enough to tell them to stop and get someone with the power to make her stop or leave. She makes a big deal about anyone smoking anywhere near her. I would fear some stranger’s chemical spray more.
      I remember when the Commune in the American NW (I most remember that the leader was deported and had a fleet of custom painted Rolls Royce cars.)
      With luck, she’ll be barred some other place or service.
      And now she is using the “I have PTSD.” And that affects where your large butt sits how, exactly Candy?

  3. Took a look at Candy’s X, and her SSSI and her “Social security ‘benefits'” have been suspended.

  4. Candy can call herself an author and Brandy can call herself a poet but I don’t think either of them are actually making a sustainable living from their writings.

    Candy’s making out that self-publishing on Amazon is an accomplishment except it’s pretty much as much of an accomplishment as picking your nose, anyone can do it but it doesn’t mean you’re getting paid for it.

    • The thing that has me wondering is her profile hash tags include “entrepreneur.”
      What business has she ever started and worked at?
      She has said in the past she would love to do something like making “natural” things like soap. But then goes on to say that someone would have to teach her how to do anything. And because her actual business experience, even from retail jobs, is zero she does not understand that she would need capital, space, supplies, a market, help with bookkeeping, display space and and some actual planning.
      Having people send her money from pity and shared paranoid delusions is not a good, valid business plan.
      And her ability to spend her entire monthly income in less that a week shows that no one with a business sense will ever do all of that for her. Unless they want to throw away money.

  5. Candy seems to think that her lifestyle is fine by her. Known to accept no hints or suggestions about things, she is proud she does not do what those she perceives as “enemies” suggest. Because things that would actually help her, if told by someone she does not trust, is a sure sign that she is a TI.
    Because telling someone to take fifteen dollars to a grocery store and get food for an entire day instead of spending it on a single meal, delivered, if she scammed, I mean “gives people a chance to prove they are Christian” and has a motel room. Which are now three-star because those that are cheaper she has managed to get banned from. What does she do to earn/deserve that?
    I have seen other people who work with mentally and intellectually challenged people estimate her maturity level to be about the same as an eight-ten year old. So the personality disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, normally something that maturity through adolescence can be tamed, is so prominent with her. If someone told her to remember to breathe she would likely suffocate herself, or at least pass out. It is also why she can not manage life as an adult. She is not successful at ANYTHING. She has been a danger to herself.
    Her narcissism got me laughing today. Graffiti on a baby changing station in a public bathroom could only have been meant for her. Because reasons.
    Good LORD, save me from mental illness. Yes, I have a history of depression, but mine is TREATED, therefore impacts my life minimally. Candy is the most mentally il) person I have ever encountered, and she is proud of it.
    Which is why she is obese, has no money, no family, no friends, and no future that is not just an extension of her past and present.

  6. Candy sees an example of a meme that was made popular online (some years ago IIRC) and thinks the meme is actually about her and not just a silly joke made by young terminally online people.

    Many examples of the “place sacrifice here” meme are posted online, yet Candy thinks this is about her. I would like for Candy to explain how she thinks her stalkers would use this flimsy baby changing station to sacrifice her – the platform would collapse under her weight.

    I attached one example of this meme, there are many more if you search.

    I’m sure if Candy reads this, she will simply re-adjust her beliefs to think that the baby changing stations are not actually targeting her but are actually being used to sacrifice babies.

  7. Candy sees a Coast Guard helicopter (which she calls an “plane” but I digress) flying low over the Mississippi River.

    I checked FlightRadar24 using the rewind feature. The Coast Guard helicopter was scouring the area north from the US-90 (Business) Crescent City Connection bridges and then around the bend at Algiers Point downstream to around Bywater, which suggests to me that they were likely looking for a body or perhaps a small boat. I couldn’t find anything in the New Orleans news about it.

  8. Both are just narcissistic a-holes. They are sooooo smart, aware, and special that millions of dollars in both technology and wages are spent to….do what exactly?

    Everything they both do they broadcast freely on the web until they break TOS rules. If either one had a secret knowledge of something, someone with power slightly over Classroom Monitor would have stopped them years ago.
    They are both pathetic and need proper treatment in a locked ward, without access to the Web for any other reason than Pet Videos. They are trying to find a point to their lives, but have instead chosen to alienate themselves from family, employment, and society in general. What a waste.
    Believing in the whole targeted individual thing is how they feel special. But they very name, ‘…INDIVIDUAL…,” they should see as a clue. There are no two TIs who think the same thing about any facet of the whole program. Who is doing it changes with each believer. The why is as varied. The how is a list of things and technologies that are just silly and darned expensive. All to make Candy’s nose itch? Right…

  9. Candy who has the physique of an overstuffed garbage bag shares a video tweet wondering why people are so fat.

    The video doesn’t blame lifestyle habits (like overeating or being sedentary) but instead blames the ingredients of food, absolving individuals of their personal responsibility. So I can understand why Candy shared it, but it won’t stop her from continuing to order more DoorDashed over-caloric comfort food or getting ice cream bars from the grocery store.


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