VA CTRS Shelter Where Bryan Tew Was Staying Burned Down


Bryan posted a live video to his Facebook on the evening of 9/9 from inside of his pallet shelter. He made no mention of the fire that happened but it appears Bryan and his belongings are just fine, as well as his cabin.

Original post:

Thanks Sasha for the news tip.

This happened early in the morning of Friday 9/9. They say 15 of the ”pallet shelters” completely burned down and many others were damaged. Nobody is reported to be hurt.

They are blaming a battery charger but it is unclear which resident it might have been. No updates from Bryan as of the time of this posting, it is not yet known if his belongings burned.

I do want to mention, even though its not going to serve any helpful purpose now, that I noticed the smoke detector in Bryan’s cabin appeared to have been tampered with or otherwise damaged or somehow became detached.

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  1. I definitely hope Bryan is unhurt and that they can replace the pallet shelters as soon as possible. Maybe they’ll put him up in a hotel for a few nights?

    It’s especially unfortunate that this happened as Bryan finally seems to be settling in to one location for continued treatment rather than only staying in one place for a few nights between his usual aimless drifting between cities and countries. (I know he was looking at trying to get into Russia visa-free via ferry from Stockholm a few weeks ago but that was just his usual travel window shopping, I think he probably has realized that the ferry between Scandinavian countries (plus Estonia if I remember correctly) and St. Petersburg isn’t running again any time soon.)

    • They are blaming a battery charger but it is unclear which resident it might have been. No updates from Bryan as of the time of this posting, it is not yet known if his belongings burned.

      The Fox 11 article says it was likely a charger for an electric bike. I don’t think Bryan uses those things, does he? He was asking for a mobility scooter the other day but that’s a different category of vehicle.

    • Bryan seems fine (his usual “fine” that is), and so does his shelter. He didn’t mention anything about the fire.

      I see he has a new coffee maker so his caffeinated sleep-deprived clown show will continue.

      • I re-watched the video and it appears to be the same shelter because I can still see the smoke detector dangling from the ceiling by its power cable. There does appear to be an LED illuminated on the smoke detector so I’m going to assume it is functioning despite hanging from the ceiling.

        • If I had to guess what happened with the smoke detector, it quite possibly detached while being moved to the campus and nobody bothered to remount it properly.

          Anyway, I’m legitimately relieved that Bryan’s unhurt and that his cabin wasn’t one of those affected.

  2. Amusing recording from Bryan. Not sure the context of this recording, but it seems to be in a waiting area of some sort.

    (EDIT – I went back to his Facebook and saw he has an MRI appointment this morning, so it’s most certainly in the waiting area for the MRI department)

    Bryan spells out his last name for someone (“Tew, Tango Echo Whiskey”), tells him “please no more games”, then the dude (maybe another person in the same room, but not the attendant is my guess) tells him “cover your nose asshole Trumper” and says “must be Air Force” (lol).

    Most likely referring to Bryan’s habit of leaving his nose dangling out of his mask ever since the mask wearing started in 2020.

    (Generally I’ve stopped wearing the mask, but I do wear it when I’m in any kind of clinical environment since there may be other sick or immunocompromised people who I may unwittingly infect or who may infect me)

    • I think Bryan is pretty apolitical, or to the extent he is political, he subscribes to generic anti-Americanism since he believes the American government is responsible for his being a “TI”. He seems to root for whatever hurts American interests.

      Hence Bryan having applied for asylum in adversarial countries like Ecuador, China, Russia, Iran, and etc, and constantly sharing Kremlin propaganda on Facebook / Rumble / etc.

      So I understand why the dude called him a “a-hole Trumper” but it’s more due to Bryan being lazy and selfish than subscribing to Trump-ism.

      (But yeah, despite Bryan being that way, I am happy that he wasn’t hurt or otherwise set back by the fire but sometimes it is very hard to muster the sympathy for him)

    • (Generally I’ve stopped wearing the mask, but I do wear it when I’m in any kind of clinical environment since there may be other sick or immunocompromised people who I may unwittingly infect or who may infect me)

      I still wear my mask anywhere I’m in close contact with non-family members but I have immune system problems and an elderly mother. I’m not bothered by other people not wearing masks (unlike the memes that imply that the only people still wearing masks are angry busybodies wanting to implement a tyrannical global surveillance state on everyone else ).

  3. As a cancer patient, I only wear a mask when I am at the clinic. But I really appreciated the attitudes of you guys. I was lucky that my case (and my husband’s) were a variant that was no worse than a summer cold. Fort Wayne was blessed with a fairly easy time for all of this.

    Bryan….well, I can say one good thing he has done that I complained about before. He has purchased a reasonably priced and sized coffee maker this time. I hope he is able to get some sort of treatment for everything he has going on. Even hypochondria….excuse me, the more correct term is health anxiety needs treated, usually by seeing a psychiatrist after ruling out all possible other causes. And, while I do not think he is doing it right, pain is pain and can be just as hard to deal with whether it’s cause is physical or just anxiety. I hope he stays with whatever program they put him into.

  4. Candy gets some visitors who are apparently aware of her YouTube channel and want to be starred in a new video.

    She claims they’re from the nearby O’Reily’s. O’Reilly’s (two Ls and e before i) is the name of a national auto parts chain but I suppose it could also be the name of a local bar which would make more sense.

    I’m not in favor of harassing homeless people on the streets (regardless if it someone like Candy or anyone else) but I must admit I found this interaction amusing.

    Candy does the usual hyperbolic proclamation that they’re criminals who need to be put in jail. I suppose they MIGHT be guilty of public intoxication but other than that, no crime has been committed against Candy here.

    • Okay, I did confirm there is an O’Riley’s (yes, spelled that way) Irish Pub in Pensacola. I did the Google Street View and found the exact location where she’s filming that from based on her surroundings.

      I prefer not to give the link but it’s really about a couple minutes of detective work in Google Maps if you really are interested.

      This whole time (prior to this video) I thought she was complaining about employees and patrons of an auto parts store.

      I can understand how the drunk patrons of a local bar might be mean to homeless people and see the constant filming as being egged on by her.

    • Here’s a (much shorter) video of a “Targeted Individual” Youtuber filming someone aware of her Youtube channel. She’s triggered by red cars and red shirts because of a belief that firemen are using NLP on her.

      I strongly suspect the man in this famous Nappy Head Roots video where he “interviews” a gangstalker, possibly the origin of the meme that gangstalkers are paid in Target gift cards, is someone who is already aware of his Youtube channel messing with him.

  5. Um, Kevin, I think he’s looking at you because he could see you holding the phone out of the window.

    This is also the first evidence I’ve seen that Kevin is actually in Ohio (MVM is an Ohio moving company) and not just pretending that he’s in Ohio to throw people off the scent. I guess he got transferred to a different FedEx facility but I’m surprised he’s still able to do his college work unless it’s all online anyway.

  6. Bryan visited a cardiologist at UCLA today with a complaint of shortness of breath. Bryan posted his “After Visit Summary” to Facebook for everyone to see so it is fair game.

    Bryan weighs 267 lbs, has a BMI of 36.21, his blood pressure was 141/99, pulse 103.

    They made appointments for an echo test, stress test, pulmonary function testing. He also has appointments for a pain clinic, podiatry, and orthopedic specialists.

    Bryan complained that the Dr. wanted to refer him to a psychiatrist for PTSD screening. Bryan doesn’t understand why everyone around him thinks he has psych issues, other than it being a CIA conspiracy.

    Regardless, I’m glad he is getting some of the help he needs and is actually going to his appointments. However it really won’t be a win until he actually starts receiving treatments / surgery.

    He has a lot of issues so it will require cooperation and compliance on HIS part if he wants to get better.

    In his years and years of doctors visit, he has never progressed in his medical treatment beyond clowning off in the ER and getting pointless tests to parade around on YouTube and Facebook as “proof” of something.

    I know from reading his past medical records (again, records HE posted) from several years ago, patient compliance was mentioned as an issue for him.

    He also recorded his visit. I didn’t listen but its up on his Facebook if you want to hear. I’m sure he recorded without getting any consent from the Doctor.

  7. Bryan seems to have skipped out on his MRI appointment today. He posted several videos of himself doing things other than trying to sleep during the night hours and then declared he couldn’t go.

    Once daylight broke, he spent most of the morning / day on the phone with Ohio BWC and US Bank trying to get access to some money. US Bank is the vendor BWC uses to send out disbursements. I know Bryan has been trying to get access to that money ever since he returned to San Diego but hasn’t had much luck. Guessing the card got lost in the mail or the Day Center in San Diego where he receives mail threw it out.

    Guess that was more important than the MRI. (He seems to have deleted the morning posts regarding the BWC).

    Later in the afternoon, BWC returns his phone call but Bryan flips out and says the supercomputer ordered the BWC to provoke him /w the phone call and started ranting about a never-ending investigation and etc.

    I don’t know if he actually answered the call but presumably the phone call was just in response to his query.

    • Bryan made another post on Facebook early this morning implying that he’s skipping another round of appointments today. He also has a couple of videos made during the time he should be trying to sleep.

      I did see a video from Bryan yesterday afternoon where it appears he did attend his appointment for pulmonary function testing so at least he’s making some of his appointments.

      Bryan also has a post up claiming that Ecuador gave up Julian Assange because of an IMF loan given to Ecuador. He then goes on to comment that Assange was a victim of “directed energy”, a claim that Assange himself has never made to my knowledge.

        • Bryan posted a screenshot of himself dialing the Iranian embassy in New Delhi, India.

          I don’t know what he’s thinking but Iran is already a terrible destination for an American who acts weird all the time. Now Iran has nationwide protests going on due to the incident with their morality police and a young woman.

          The Internet in Iran has been turned off or at least western social media sites have been restricted. Security forces and possibly the military are being deployed to squash the protests.

          I doubt he could gain entry but even if he could I’d be worried about him being thrown in prison. Except for Bryan, nobody will care about his imprisonment or advocate for his release.

  8. Bryan posted several videos last night of himself having a coughing fit and googling “congestive heart failure symptoms”. Later he shows up in the ER and takes ER selfies.

    Haven’t watched the videos (beyond the coughing spell) but going to guess he’s doing relatively alright if he has the energy and ability to turn his trip to the ER into a social media stunt.

    • I don’t want to see the guy suffer but if he has the energy and stamina to make videos, edit them, and post them to several social networks, you aren’t having heart failure.

      Hypochondria in a nutshell.

      • I knew someone who had congestive heart failure.

        In his case, they weren’t able to diagnose exactly what happened to him until after the autopsy. (R.I.P.)

        Yeah, I know people can survive it but only if the paramedics get to them in time (not if they’re found dead in a chair possibly a day or two after death like the guy I knew).

        • Bryan made a post about 24 hours after his ER visit. No elaboration on the ER visit. It’s reasonable to assume he didn’t have heart failure and was discharged.

          • He just posted a short video of himself waiting in line at a Chik-Fil-A.

            While I’m not really one to talk since I eat a lot of the same kind of fatty fast food that he does, eating that kind of salty, oily food just one day after he thought he was having congestive heart failure does seem to indicate that he doesn’t take his heart condition too seriously other than when he feels chest pains.

  9. If you want to make this a stand-alone post, please feel free. I am going to try to leave it on one of her blogs, as I she she has commenting open again.
    I have always told her that I have no blog about her, have made no videos, and didn’t plan to do either. Not videos, perhaps but now a blog seems in order. She had over 700 subs of YouTube, and seems to understand they are there for the train wreck, not in support of her lunacy. She says my name (and even my hometown) many times, so using her name and location should not be a problem. Like for like, Candy.
    Oh, and one video shows just how much in her head I am. It’s titled “Morning Open Talk….09/25/2022,” time stamp just short of the 28:50 mark. She starts to say my name, apropos nothing. And I am obsessed with HER? Right…..

    So. I have been told by Candy Grandpre that I am obsessed with her, stalk her, traffic her for sex, lust after her, worship Satan, sold my soul, get paid to do everything she thinks I “do to” her, exert my vast powers over the population of Pensacola, Florida to get her banned and/or fired, that I am mentally ill, that I am FBI or CIA with my powers of finding out where geographically she is, and all other types of bat-shit craziness. Uh, no. Above is a list of 35 videos [including today), posted in the same period as I very much on purpose did NOT mention Candy online to anyone, anywhere for the same period. So, who is stalking who again, Candy? Who is obsessed with WHO? I watch your videos and read your writings. And comment back when you lie about me, or say something…..uh,…..not very bright. That is “views” and “visits,” isn’t that what you want? And I am 61, not 62 and am NOT dying of cancer. Just two more things you get wrong about me.

    Wait, four things. I am not jealous of you in any way, shape or form and I really do think your writing sucks. Completely. I haven’t yet decided if it is sad or just reeks. Probably both.

    • Aw, geez. The list is formatted, per MSWord to just be links, not videos. I hope you can change it here. Sorry for the vast amount of crap. I didn’t feel the need timestamp them, since they were only links. Damn.


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