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Daniel Boden, insane screaming TI with homicidal fantasies

I just discovered a TI named Daniel Boden of Somerset, PA. He is a screamer who is upset at law enforcement and local churches, to the point where he advocates for the murder and torture of the children of law enforcement officers and preachers. He believes they are responsible for the use of directed energy weapons to torture him.

For now I just present a selection of videos with no comment. I will definitely be adding this guy to my reading/watching list. (Note – This one has a Facebook content warning so it won’t embed here, you’ll have to click the link to view it after logging in to Facebook).


    • Stefan Adams

      Still waiting for you to point out where I have slandered Mr. Boden. Literally everything I have written is a 100% accurate account of the things he has recorded himself saying.

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